Maternal “Lathrop” Family Notables, Who Knew?

Rev John Lathrop

Rev John Lathrop

If you recall from earlier “Our Heritage” blogs my maternal grandmother, Alice Lauretta (Loretta) Lathrop Ford’s family were Puritans who came from England and among the first settlers to land at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.  In this blog I now share with you a direct line of descendancy from my 9th great grand parents–[Reverend John Lathrop (1584 – 1653), born on December 20, 1584, in Etton, Yorkshire, England; and his wife, Hannah Howse (1594 – 1634) born in Eastwell, Kent, England, who were part of The Great Migration]–to several American notables.

To contrast John and Hannah’s lives with our American notables families, I offer you this brief history: On 16 Oct 1610 when Hannah was 16, she married Rev. John LOTHROP, in Eastwell, Kent, England. John Lathrop and his wife Hannah were heroes in the struggle for religious freedom. They were arrested on 29 Apr 1632 and put in prison where Hannah died in 1634. Then King Charles I allowed Rev. John to leave prison and come to America with his children. In America, he became a distinguished leader for religious tolerance. You will learn below that three United States’ Presidents among other notables are descended from John and Hannah.

Many of our notable relatives you may have heard of, been in awe of, or at least know enough about them to be envious or proud of them and their skills, talents, and life’s accomplishments. There also is probably at least one that you may wish that I had not shared with you. Note, that I did however omit George W. Bush, George H.W.’s son. I just couldn’t bring myself to include him here…

Images of the American notable descendants from John and Hannah Howse Lathrop follow below in alphabetical order by their last names:


Benedict Arnold:  1741-1801
Patriot and Traitor

George H W Bush

George H. W. Bush:  1924 – 
41st  U.S. President:  1989-1993

Nick Carter: 1980 –
 Singer, Backstreet Boys Band
Nick Carter , Backstree t Boys
John Foster Dulles

John Foster Dulles:  1888-1959
Secretary of State (Eisenhower)

Ulysses S Grant

Ulysses S Grant: 1822-1885
18th US President

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne:  1804-1864
American Novelist
Short Story Writer

Olive rWendell Holmes, Sr.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Author, poet, physician, lecturer

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr
Supreme Court Justice

Ebenezer Huntington

Ebenezer Huntington
Revolutionary War Officer U.S. Congressman (CT)

Isaac Huntington

Isaac Huntington
1719-1799, Delegate
1788 Connecticut Convention to Ratify Constitution

George Parsons Lathrop

George Parsons Lathrop
American Novelist
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
American Poet

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd US President: 1933-1945

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