Hey You–Are You in the Game?

It's a Great Day to be Alive!

It’s a Great Day to be Alive!

Yesterday I was driving west on MD State Route 4 following the night before’s dusting of snow and harsh gusts of wind along the way to my parents home for the day. Next I knew, I had a tire blow out and lost control of my car. My car then hit into the side of a work van one lane to my right, then spun around several times to meet guard rails and concrete pillars head on to my left before coming to a full stop that included me momentarily blacking out.

Aside from my full body aches and pains and being disappointed with myself, I am thankful that GOD was my co-pilot, no other travelers were injured, and that I am here today to share this post.

So if I ever again feel unloved or all alone or think my life might be boring, I will remember what I believe was GOD’s wake up call to me to say; “Hey you, your life here is a gift, so get back into the game!”

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