What’s All The Buzz About Immigration Reform?

Image: Genetic Ethnicity Summary

Genetic Ethnicity Summary
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According to my recent DNA tests, my ancestors starting in the early 1600’s came primarily from the countries within the blue highlighted British Isles (85%) and 12% came from the countries that make up Eastern Europe.  So, how does my ancestors’ immigration to America compare overtime to today’s existing foreign-born population in America? If we take a look back 163 years, we have a starting point (thanks to the United States Census Bureau and its decennial census programs)  that allows us to follow those trends from 1850 through 2010 in the first frame of the infographic below.  The remaining frames help us compare the change in foreign born populations in America over the last 50 years–where they came from, where they live, and the dramatic changes in size, origins, and geographic distribution.
[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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