Committed Hearts and Minds…

Committed Hearts and Minds =  Best  Blogs, Bloggers

Delving into resources, making new discoveries about your subject matter, documenting and then blogging about it can be a truly cathartic experience.  Have you ever been an onlooker at history?  Did you ever truly connect with history studies in school? Do you primarily read biographies because you choose not to waste time on fiction?  This was me before getting reconnected with genealogy and my family’s history through research and blogging.

Image:  Blogger ComicHave you ever thought about what’s involved to blog as a real vocation or avocation? That is, working through the search, learning, understanding, and writing processes?   Think about how these steps might truly reveal your feelings and perceptions about, in my case, my ancestors’ lives and their circumstances.  Use the blogging experience to help purge and purify any deep feelings or emotions that unconsciously might have effected you on the topic.

Think about it.  Each time you reveal and share information through creative thinking and story telling through your blog, you might become like the energized bunny who keeps on running and won’t or can’t slow down. Somewhere within those deep thinking and creativity processes cobwebs that may have once covered long ago memories, thoughts, or interests could be removed.

And still, I get other surges of energy and emotions when colleagues, friends, family or new readers reconnect or connect with me to say; “I never knew that,” or, “I had forgotten all about that,” or, “My God, how could that have been?”

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Deep down, maybe you always knew that you loved to write.  Perhaps it started with your poems and short stories as a young child.  Did you ever say to yourself; “I’d like to write a book, but on what, I don’t know?”  Did you ever want to be involved in something that would matter to you and others in your family, your workplace, your community, or on a much larger scale?  Could blogging really be on your spectrum of meaningful?

Well, I for one can tell you that the research, discovery, learning, writing, sharing, connecting, reconnecting, associated travel and heartfelt emotions are really right up there with how I need to feel about what I do. But understand, behind all of these  pluses, you must remember that like any other activity, you must dedicate adequate time to it, create a regular schedule, and commit to writing several times a week.

My role of family historian and often adventurer only add to the already very pleasurable blogging experience.  And, if someday, you decide to publish a book of any of your writings that could be yet another big plus. But for me for now, I totally enjoy the sharing, follow up comments, and responses to what I write.  I would love to hear back from you whether blogging is pertinent for you as a blogger or a reader of blogs–why or why not.

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