A Follow-On to I’ve Got the Music in Me–and Oh, How it Moves Me! – Part 3

On February 25, 2013, I published a blog I’ve Got the Music in Me–and Oh, How it Moves Me! – Part 3.  It included a song with lyrics sung by C. Daniel Boling, who shares the surname,talents and heritage of the Boling family.

Daniel, as it turns out, is an award-winning folksinger/songwriter/guitarist who “has a storyteller’s eye for detail,” as published in his bio on the web.  In his songs the interesting characters that live on through his music and lyrics are drawn from his life, family and friends. Here’s another example of Daniel Boling’s clever lyrics and entertaining stories.

Beginning in February, 2008, Daniel started performing and touring full-time. Daniel prefers venues where original, lyric-driven music is valued and folks love to listen to his creative stories.

Although Daniel and I didn’t know each other when my blog story went live, shortly thereafter he commented on it and we exchanged a few messages.  And, low and behold we learned that we do, in fact, share the same lineage from Pocahontas and Colonel Robert Bolling from the  15-1600’s.  We next discovered a link to the Reverend Jesse B. Bolling, born in 1758, who died in Kentucky 1841.  This Rev. Jesse B. Bolling, “The Elder,” is a great grandfather in Daniel’s line.

It appears that my grandfather, Jesse B. Bolling, (1902-1978) was a namesake to Daniel’s Jesse B. Bolling, 150 years later.  And just this week, I learned from my father that not only was my grandfather, Jesse, a cabinetmaker, but he also made a cigar box ukulele, indicating his interest in music, too.

Besides being creative writers, lovers of music, and apparently both quick witted, Daniel and I are sharing similar life experiences with our octogenarian elders.  It just goes to show you, that  the longer you live, the smaller the world becomes;and, around any corner may be another clue to who you are, from where you came, and who among you, might be a member of your family that you just haven’t met yet.  Just as in Adam and Eve’s days in the garden and in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, when it comes to family, it can be a small world–“It’s a world of laughter. A world of tears. It’s a world of hopes. And a world of fears. There’s so much that we share. That it’s time we’re aware. It’s a small world …”


“Darwin’s Pride & Joy” by: C. Daniel Boling Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos


Walt Disney’s: It’s a Small World After All Music published on YouTube by: OliviaYVids.

Joanne_Dickinson_Family_Tree-2 on Ancestry.com

It’s a Small World…

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