Today is Monday, March 25, 2013, and we’re in Southern Maryland — a few days into Spring — and we awakened to newly fallen snow that promises to continue into tomorrow.  And when letting the dogs outside, it just seemed appropriate to enjoy yet another gift from above.  It was so crisp and clean it just shouted to us to have some fun with it.  While Bob recited the poem, the birds just chimed in as if they knew their cues–amazing.

Poem by:  Don N. Kafley, 24 August  1986
Recited by:  Robert Joseph Dickinson, Sr.

Ah Spring,  You Have ComeI

In the rhythm of colors and shades
And in the beating hearts of the living beasts
Frontier the world, have livelier you made.
Bird’s chirps in thy green branches
Portrays thy glory of natural poise
Opened in the vision of a world in your blossom.
Ah! Spring you have come
Decked thou art in your green garment
And painted in the flowers of radical glow
Red and crimson and blue and yellow
In all the bushes, trees and boughs.
Thy brilliance has mine, raised the feet
In gladness, doth thy traveler greet?
Their delightful mellifluous songs of merriment
Of the doves, the Cardinals, and the Skylark
Have adorned the world in premium excitement.

Ah! Spring you have come.  –NOT!!!

Ah Spring, You Have Come!

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