Best Friends Forever–What Can Be More Important?

Sunday was another glorious day for us. My lifelong friend since we were toddlers was in town from Rhode Island. And, we spent most of the day together. Bob and I drove to her sister’s home in historic Mount Airy, Maryland, about 75 miles from where we live.

Collage Image - Joanne and George

Best Friends Forever

The first thing we did was hug! And it happened. It was like time had stood still and we were right back to our schoolgirl days. And sis was a great hostess. We all exchanged updates, looked at some pictures, and had a very thoughtfully planned lunch that even included Lemon Meringue pie as a must dessert. And, of course, to be social, I forced down a piece. (ha-ha)

But, yesterday was much different than last year when we got together. My friend was in town then to visit with family on the one year anniversary of her husband Jim’s death from cancer after a 4 year-long battle. (Bob and I and my friend and Jim started dating in high school about the same time, and we were together often in those years). And even sadder, Jim passed away on my friend’s milestone birthday, just as the family was sitting down for the dinner celebration that never happened. I’m not sure how one mustered up the strength to survive those circumstances, especially after being together for so long.

From Mt. Airy, Bob chauffeured us to Bryans Road, Maryland—another 70 or so miles—so we could spend a while with her other sister and brother-in-law (my Godparents). So the girls were in the backseat still catching up and just yakking away, and Bob says; “I feel like I’m driving two Miss Daisies.” We both gave him burning stares and then burst out laughing.

It had been about 20 years since I last saw my Godparents. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t even recognize my Godfather, who has had some health issues. Unfortunately, the aging process gets even less kind the more you advance in years. And, I guess, my godparents had similar thoughts about me after all this time.

By the time we knew it, it was 7 o’clock and Bob and I still had another 60 miles or so to drive to get home. So we left my friend to visit with her family for another week before she returns back to Rhode Island. But, when leaving, I thought; “Oh, how we get caught up in our day-to-day lives.  Oh, how much I miss having my friend close by so we can just spend time together loving each other’s’ company, and maybe just not doing anything but spending time together.” And then thinking that; “None of us is getting any younger, and we have to make time for those we love and give back their love unconditionally.” What can be more important?

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