That Time We Went Hunting…

A Story From Around the Kitchen Table

As we sat around the kitchen table this morning, our forty-something son told us a story today that we never had heard from him before. It seems two young men, he and a buddy, went into the woods deep behind a cousin’s home one late Friday afternoon to do a little deer hunting before nightfall. And, his thoughtful friend brought along ample liquid refreshments to tide them over while they stalked their prey. Hours passed, stories were shared, all drinks were gone, the prey had come and gone, but little hunting was done.

dusk woodsAs nightfall set in, they became worried about their known hunting prowess being challenged by the lack of game to take home and show off. So they staggered back out of the darkened woods and came across the cousin’s chicken coop. The friend enters the chicken coop and catches the first hen he could grab. And, there in the dark of night, wrung that chicken’s neck and threw its body and head into the bed of the truck.

The Big Surprise

When they arrived home, the friend asked our son to retrieve their catch and he would get the guns. And, as our son was approaching the house the light from the porch shined brightly on the prey in hand. Our son then yelled to his friend to come outside for a moment. When the friend was within arm’s reach, our son said to him: “There’s only one thing wrong with this picture.” And the friend looked down and discovered that he had wrung the neck of his cousin’s only rooster who had been in the hen house doing what roosters do. So bright and early the next morning, the two guys were off to the nearest poultry farm to replace the prized rooster before dear old cousin discovered what they had done.

Now, I guess you’re thinking there’s got to be a moral to this story. Well, to tell the truth, we were so busy laughing at the mistakes of youth that we failed to ask our son what, if anything, he learned from this experience. I’d be interested in hearing from readers any and all morals that this story may trigger for you.

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