Guns in Action Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-up!

Guns in Action Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-up!

I reblogged this because gun safety and control are topical; the idea of replacing guns with thumbs was a clever one; the morphing from gun to thumb makes the pic funny, and the topic fits perfectly into my category called–Oddities and Antiquities.

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Some movie stills or posters have become so iconic that we can name them even if we haven’t seen the movie. But if you go through the stills on the Thumbs & Ammo blog, you’ll get a strange feeling that something’s not right here. In fact, all the action movies will feel a lot less aggressive and even somewhat positive instead. That’s exactly the idea behind it: all the photos are photoshopped to replace the gun with a thumbs-up!  Following the notion that “Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude”, the contributors to the blog have posted a bunch great submissions with our well-known action heroes giving you a very positive attitude along with a very fierce face. The hand gestures look quite similar, so the overall effect is hilarious!



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