Believe it or Not–We Learned this in Church Today!

the real normal: the real problem

realnormal-realproblemI usually do not post religious messages on my blog because we all know that religion and politics can be off-putting topics.  But, today’s exercise at church was really fun and I wanted to share the exercise with you.  So whether your religious beliefs and mine agree, just know that the math problem that’s included is the real example of how some things remain constant.  We can accept it or reject it, but the results remain the same because we can’t affect the outcome.  Albert Einstein once said: “that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.”

Free will allows us to accept or not accept God’s will, but God’s will does not change.  And the following real math problem is an example.  The answer does not change.  The answer is the real normal…No matter how many times you work this problem, it doesn’t change the outcome.  From the first sin ever, nothing has changed.

We all sin. It’s that simple and yet it’s so difficult to deal with. The Bible teaches we’re not sinners because we sin, but rather we sin because we’re sinners. Every struggle in our lives can be traced back to that truth. No matter how we try to rationalize our troubles in life, ever since Adam & Eve, one thing remains clear: sin is The Real Problem.  And now here’s the math exercise:

Pick a three digit number.The three numbers used must be different*. i.e. 123 Reverse that number. 123 becomes 321
Subtract the smaller three digit number from the larger.
321 – 123 = 198
Take the answer and reverse that number. 198 becomes 891
Add the smaller three-digit number for the larger 891 + 198 = 1089

The answer will ALWAYS be 1089!

If you liked the problem or liked the tidbits from this week’s message, you can find this and other interesting message podcasts at

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