Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

Captain John Thomas RolfeMy 10th Paternal Great Grandfather

Date of Birth: 6 May 1585 in Heacham Hall, Norfolkshire, Watkins Co., England

Date of Death: 22 Mar 1622 (killed in Indian Massacre) in Jamestown, Virginia Colony; killed in a massacre 

Marriage: 05 Apr 1614 (Age: 28) Jamestown, James, Virginia, USA to Princess Pocahontas Matoaka Rebecca POWHATAN (1595-1617)


Thomas Powhatan ROLFE


Varina, Henrico County, The American South (Mid-Atlantic)

Inscription: John Rolfe emigrated from England to Virginia in 1610 and settled in what was to become Henrico County. In 1612 he imported tobacco seeds from Trinidad and cultivated a new strain of mild tobacco. He shipped part of his harvest to England in 1614, and by 1619 tobacco had become Virginia’s major money crop. In 1614 Rolfe married Pocahontas, a daughter of Chief Powhatan, and they had one son, Thomas. Rolfe and his family sailed in 1616 to England where Pocahontas died in 1617. Rolfe returned to Virginia, where he died in 1622.

Erected 1996 by Department of Historic Resources. (Marker Number V 31.)

Location. 37° 28.566′ N, 77° 22.512′ W. Marker is in Varina, Virginia, in Henrico County. The marker is on Messer Road 0.1 miles north of Library Road, on the right when traveling north. Click for map.

Photo by Bernard Fisher, November 29, 2009

Thomas Rolfe

Thomas Rolfe (January 30, 1615 – 1680) was the only child of Pocahontas by her English husband, John Rolfe. His maternal grandfather was Wahunsunacock, the chief of Powhatan tribe in Virginia. Thomas Rolfe was born in Virginia. He traveled to London with his parents in 1616, and remained there, after the death of his mother, in the care of his appointed Guardian, Sir Lewis Stukeley, and later his father’s brother, Henry Rolfe. Thomas married Elizabeth Washington in September 1632 at St James’s Church, Clerkenwell and they had a daughter named Jane in 1633. Elizabeth died shortly after Jane’s birth. Two years later, Thomas returned to Virginia as an adult, trained in English ways. He left his daughter, Jane, with his cousin Anthony Rolfe to claim his inheritance. In 1641, he asked permission of the Governor to visit his “kinsman Opecancanough”. Thomas inherited a tract of some 2000 acres, across from Jamestown; the land was described in a later deed as “due unto the sd Rolfe by Guift from the Indyan King”. After the 1644 Indian attack on the colony, four forts were established to defend the frontier: Fort Henry, Fort Royal, Fort James, and Fort Charles. Fort James was to be under  ( Wikipedia article )

Date of birth: 30 Jan 1615

Place of birth:  Jamestown

Date of death: 1675

Place of death:  Kippax Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia (now Hopewell City)

Spouse(s):  Elizabeth Washington, Jane Poythress

Children:  Jane Rolfe, Anne Rolfe

4 thoughts on “Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

  1. I think you have the children of Thomas P Rolfe backwards. Ann is the child of his marriage to Elizabeth Washington. Jane is the child of his marriage to Jane Poythress.
    My family history says our ancestor William Barnett married a daughter of Thomas and Jayne. I haven’t been able to prove this from online research but suspected the line may be from Thomas and Elizabeth’s daughter.
    The problem I’m finding is most people only provide their direct line back to Pocahontas and none of the extended family connections. Making it look like only 1 child was born to each marriage per generation. Obviously, in most cases, this is not the fact.


  2. Did you know that the brother Laurence Washington of Thomas Rolfe’s first wife Elisabeth Washington is the great great(many times ) grandfather of the First President of USA George Washington
    If you look in their Laurence Washington family ancestors who lived at Sulgrave Manor in England a wife of Laurence
    The first Lawrence Washington and his second wife, Lady Amy Pargiter, had four sons and seven daughters before Amy’s death on 6 October, 1564. Internal evidence suggests that the Sulgrave Manor House England was extended during this period.
    Their family crest was used on the American flag stars and stripes

    Lawrence survived Amy for almost twenty years. He died on 19 February, 1584 and was buried in Sulgrave Church in England in front of the Washington family pew, where he and his wife and eleven children are commemorated.
    His will has survived as has the Crown’s investigation of his estate at his death
    Washingtons » Lawrence Washington (c1500 – 1584), the builder of Sulgrave Manor

    They have an interesting website that also distantly connects their Washington family to the English royal family via another family marriage to a member of Lord John Spencer’s earlier descendants who is the grandfather of Prince William and Prince Harry.


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