My Family of Secrets

This morning, I received an alert about a new comment to a post of May 24, 2013, on my blog site (, “My Family of Secrets.” The subject post tells the story, as I know it, of my paternal grandparents Helen Louise Chambers and Jesse Burton Boling and their parents Frank Maynard Chambers and Lottie Taylor.
And much to my surprise this morning, the best Christmas present of 2013 arrived online at my site. From a great uncle, Maynard, that I never knew existed was a message that knocked down several more bricks from my Chambers family genealogical wall. It seems as my post alluded to in May, that Frank Maynard Chambers, in fact, did father additional children after he relocated to Las Vegas. Maynard advises that he is the eldest of three and that he has two sisters. So, my grandmother, Helen Chambers, who died before I was born, was actually the first of four children fathered by Frank Maynard Chambers. In my great excitement I quickly responded back to Maynard to say, “definitely, yes, I’d like to exchange stories and to learn more.”  I next went to FaceBook and easy as that, I found Maynard’s page. I can’t wait to explore more and share the unfolding saga as it happens. So, stay with me, folks, there will be more that follows.

Our Unbounded Heritage: 12th Century & Beyond

Helen Louise Chambers Boling (1 Jul 1911 – 16 Mar 1944) My Paternal Great Grandmother:

On Thursday, March 16, 1944, at Baltimore, MD., Helen L. Boling, the wife of Jessie Boling, mother of Frank, Dolores and Barbara Boling and daughter of Frank and Lottie Chambers. Services at the Chambers funeral home, 517 11th st. se., on Wednesday, March 22, at 1 p.m. Interment Columbia Gardens Cemetery.
Washington Post (1877-1954)
Mar 23, 1944; page 12
Columbia Gardens Cemetery
Arlington County
Virginia, USA

I expect this post will be one of my more personal and difficult to write.  There remain many blanks to my paternal grandmother’s (Helen Louise Chambers Boling) life that we cannot fill in and some of the answers we have found aren’t what we had hoped for by any means. Helen was estranged from her family and living in Baltimore City, Maryland, when in March 1944…

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5 thoughts on “My Family of Secrets

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  2. Yes, Audrey, likewise on our “best-yet Christmas present”. My dad was quite moved and expressed how much he enjoyed talking with you. And, you know, of course, that my dad, Frank, was named after Frank Chambers. His “Burton” middle name as I’ve come to learn originated from Burton, England, and the family of Burton’s who married into the Bolling family.


  3. My name is Audrey Nelle Chambers Grant (born 7 May 1943), dau of Frank Maynard Chambers born 26 July 1884. I have much info for you, plus lots of history and documents. My hobby has been genealogy since the 1960s. Please call me. I will share everything I have and you will be most happy. My cell number is 360-860-0723. My brother, Maynard Chambers, called me last night about you. I have unsuccessfully hunted for Helen since the early 1970s. I’m so excited to meet you & give you your best-yet Christmas present. My email address is
    What genealogy program do you use? I use Roots Magic. I wrote a 70-page book on data about Frank Maynard Chambers. I’m on pins-and-needles waiting for your call. With love, Audrey
    PS: I have all the U.S. Gov’t records from Panama on Frank Maynard Chambers & his father John Latta Chambers. Pls send me your email, etc.


      • Oh, Joanne, after talking with you I had to sit here at my computer and cry with happiness. Meeting you has been such a wonderful best-yet Christmas present for me. I also loved talking to your father, Frank. Happy New Year to you and your family. Audrey


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