100 Year Old BFFs

Best Friends Forever (BFFs)

Last week I wrote a post on this blog, “Our Kent Island Experience,” that was a story about my best friend of about 20 years (at that time) and our husbands’ day of “boating.” Some of the events of the day tested our relationship. Yet, nearly 40 years have since past and we still remain close friends, (BFFs), although we live nearly 400 miles/7 hours driving distance apart and only write occasional letters to each other.

The Heart of Our Relationship Never Skips a Beat

bffsWe were infants living next door to each other when our parents first got us together.  For our first 13 years, we were inseparable.  I was the brains, she was the brawn.  I did her cleaning and helped her with her school work.  She showed me how she could walk on her toes with them curled under and how to carry a pregnant cat around in a paper bag. (Little did we know that when we opened the bag there would be a litter of kittens inside with their mom.)  In 2011 we spent the day together lunching and shopping in Providence, Rhode Island.  In 2013, we grabbed another day in Maryland and visited her older sisters. My husband drove us from place to place and we just caught up on old times.  Whenever we talk or meet, regardless of the circumstances, we haven’t skipped a beat in our relationship.  It’s always like time has stood still and we still share the same interests and have the same closeness and understanding of each other we had when we were so very young.

BFFs for 94 Years!

So earlier this week, I sat down in the mid-afternoon and turned on the TV to add some noise to the all too quiet house.  I happened upon the Steve Harvey Show in progress. He was just introducing two 100-year-old women who have been best friends for 94 years. They captured my attention, my heart, and reminded me of just how special relationships with close friends can be.   I hope my relationship with my friend will always be as special as theirs seems.  I thought you might like to see the two 100-Year-Old BFFs, so here they are in two different segments on the Steve Harvey Show:

Pop Culture Questions Posed to Irene and Alice

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