Boys vs. Girls

Boys vs. Girls

“With about 1,048 male babies born for every 1,000 female babies born in 2008, boys are keeping the edge in a ratio that’s stayed about the same over the past 60 years.”

(These numbers came from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, which are sometimes compiled and analyzed over several years.)


Soon to be a Newlywed!

Nearly 27 years ago our eldest son and his wife blessed us with our first grandson (who is getting married in one month).

Six months later our second son blessed us with our second grandson (a tree expert and home repairs specialist).

Justin and wife

Justin and wife

And, 10 months later our eldest son and his wife again blessed us with our third grandson (Airmen 1st Class, stationed in Korea).  

A1C Mike Dickinson

Next, our second son added three more sons to our family.  

The first of these three (an ironworker), was born only four months after our eldest son’s second child.?????????????????  

Then about one year later our second son’s  third son was born (currently a server at a local restaurant)–making this our 5th grandson whose birth was in that four-year span. ?????????????

??????And, about one year later our second son’s fourth son was born (an ironworker at the moment).  

And three months later our eldest son and wife delivered their third and final son (he’s studying criminal justice). Andy

If you’re trying to keep track, that gives us a total of 7 grandsons who all were born between 1988 and 1992–a period of four years!  There truly was no competition between them at the time–life just happens according to God’s plan for us.

And Finally–a Granddaughter!

Babies CollageThe next grandchild to be born and to grace our family was from our third child, our daughter.  Our 8th grandchild, and the only girl among all those boys was born after a 7-3/4 year hiatus from births in our immediate family (she’s the only girl in the collage pic).   Then, the youngest of our grandchildren was born to our daughter and her husband nearly 2-1/2 years after our grand daughter’s birth (the baby in the collage pic). You guessed it, the 9th birth and our youngest grandchild was also a boy.  All totaled, we now have 9 grandchildren, (8 boys and 1 girl), all born over a span of 14 years! (If you’re counting heads in the collage pic, I made a small error.  It seems the top upper right pic and the second row far right pic are the same grandson, but please don’t consider this me playing favorites, I truly goofed!)

An only Girl among 9 Grand Children!

Now, I’m not saying that being an only girl among all these boys encourages her grandparents to spoil her.  But, sometimes we feel she wishes we would or believes she’s got a chance to be.  Take for example about three years ago.  “Meems,” that’s me, and our granddaughter had a girl’s day scheduled.  Her mom had told her that she had to clean her room (a very sore subject because she always became overwhelmed with this task) before I could pick her up.  And, as her room chore began to overwhelm her, she placed a telephone call to me pleading for help.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t by my phone when it rang, and so our sweet little 10-year-old granddaughter left the following message which I will forever treasure.

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