Chi-Town Bound: The Wedding, Part I.

A Whirlwind in Chi-Town

This weekend was a whirlwind of emotions, events, and changing environments.  On Thursday, April 10, husband, Bob, daughter, Jennifer, and I (representing the Maryland-based Boling-Dickinson-McDaniel families) departed from Reagan-Washington National Airport headed for Chicago, IL., to meet up with our Lynchburg-based Dickinson’s for our eldest grandson, Joe’s, wedding on Saturday.

Food, Glorious Food!

2014-04-10 008

5601 W Irving Park Rd:   In Chicago’s west side Portage Park

When our flight landed, Joe was at Chicago O’Hare to meet us and to take us to lunch at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants, Taqueria Amigo Chino–not far from where he lives–Portage Park.

Food, glorious food–What a great choice.  The food was truly authentic and was wonderfully prepared and presented.  Jen and I wanted the Cubana sandwich and Joe had also suggested the Burrito Suizo.  He warned us the portions were large, so Jen and I opted to share the Cubana. But Bob, with his large “machismo” appetite, ordered his own Burrito Suizo.  Little did we know, that when Joe warned us the portions were large what he really meant to say was that they were enorme grande!  Joe and Bob ended up sharing the first burrito and we asked Joe to take home the second one for a family who would join him later in the evening.

2014-04-10 001

One Cubano Sandwich (This is an undeniably deliciously grilled sandwich made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, fried egg, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and Cuban bread.)

2014-04-10 005

One Burrito Suizo with Rice and Beans

Joe had come to culturally diverse Chicago speaking only English about two years ago. So, we all were delightfully impressed when he fluently conversed in Spanish with our server.  She even complimented him on his Spanish language skills–which may come in handy as he readies to be a linguist in the United States military.

This was my second time to Chicago, but the first where I truly got to tour the city and some of its surrounding neighborhoods.

Following lunch, we drove Joe back through Portage Park to his home where he would take a siesta before his last night out as a bachelor.

Portage Park

Traditional Chicago Bungalow Houses in Portage Park

And, despite all of our hustle-bustle to prepare for this special day, Jen still had no matching shoes or shoulder wrap for her dress, which meant we would spend much of Thursday evening, (and little did we know), Friday searching shops in Chicago for just the right matches to her dress, with joyous papa Bob as our chauffeur.

(To be continued…)


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