Revisiting Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

Sometimes when searching for one thing you come across something entirely different, but the smell of old relics opens your senses, the aged paper catches your eye, and the written words touch deep into your heart;

You’re caught in the moment and it causes you to wonder once again what her life must have been before you became a part;

Or, the experience causes you to confirm what you knew or originally thought–to trust in your memories– that they were not so very far off… Joanne


He Giveth His Grace0001

Today’s find was an old double folded and yellowed piece of paper with handwriting that I know as my paternal great-grandmother Lottie’s.  At first I thought, with as much faith as she expressed throughout her life that she must have written these words into a three-verse poem to give her comfort and strength–which would not have been uncommon, for many members of our family put pencil to paper to write, or mouths or fingers to instruments to play.

Before jumping to any conclusions, I decided I’d put my fingers to work–this time using today’s technology, my trusted computer and old friend,  just to see if I could find any references at least to the first line I had read from Lottie’s paper.  Lo and behold, instant identification:  “He Giveth More Grace” – Musical Composer: Annie Johnson Flint and Lyricist: Hubert Mitchell – ©1941.  The Bill and Gloria Gaither Choir sings the audio file below.

At first, I was a little disappointed that my find was not an unpublished original by my great-grandmother.  However, it was still special to me to know that she must have put much faith into the words that she transcribed or the message in this gospel piece she sang. She obviously read or spoke it from deep within her heart.  For as we know from my earlier posts about Lottie’s life, her path was not an easy one.  She had to have received strength and mercy from Him for her life’s multiple trials and her heart and body’s multiple afflictions during her time here on earth.

Thank you, Lottie, for keeping and sharing this with me.  So sorry I was about 50 years late in recognizing and acknowledging its importance and meaningfulness to you.  But, I believe today was the day intended to visit with you and these words you treasured–on a day that at first look had presented me with my very own trials and frustrations.  Our visit has turned an otherwise trying day for me into one with renewed vigor and faith.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Lottie’s Cardboard Box of Momentos

  1. Joanne,
    Thank you for sharing Lottie’s handwritten hymn lyrics. This gives me lots of insight into her and into her faith in God. It actually brings tears to my eyes. And thanks for including the hymn. It’s quite beautiful to hear it sung.
    Thanks again for a wonderful gift.


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