The Family “Do You Know” Scale

Yesterday’s post Family Stories that Bind Us included a few family questions from Emory University’s Do You Know Scale.  Below are all the questions asked within Emory’s study. I’m going to try them out on my family and see just how much we have communicated our stories among the generations–and their different spins on the information.  I urge you to try it with your family, too.

Please remember; mothers and grandmothers are the ones who generally passed along family stories.  And, they often told these stories to teach a lesson or to help their children get through physical or emotional hurts.   In reality, the accuracy of the stories is not critical–it’s the communication and celebration of the information–the secret sauce that binds families together.

Remember–disagreements among family members about what really happened may occur.   But, these disagreements then become part of your family narrative. Keep in mind that “it’s not just knowing your family’s information, but the process of sharing it that’s important,” says Fivush, one of the leaders of Emory University’s 2005 study.

And this is why I blog!

Do You Know Scale



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