The Robin Williams – A Fellow Baby Boomer

faces of robin williams

Timeline provided by “Business Insider”

Like so many others my emotions flew from disbelief to sadness, to a true sense of personal loss–almost as though he were a greatly loved family member.  We were fellow baby boomers who experienced some of the most incredible and incredulous moments in life on this planet.  No disrespect intended, Robin had been a part of my life for so many occasions–most of them happy ones–and at times when the world needed someone to take our hearts and minds off of our enormous global and personal problems. And for me, Mr. William’s role as “Patch Adams”–the American physician who founded Gesundheit! Institute in 1971, a social activist, clown, and author who didn’t fit into conventional society– was one of my favorites.

So, when I read and related to the following blog this morning about Robin Williams, but more importantly about the people we love and this life-ripping medical illness known as depression, I felt compelled to share it with my readers, too, and re-emphasize a key-note: we need to celebrate our lives and the lives of those we love on a regular basis.

Bucket List Publications
Author:  Lesley Carter
Posted on August 11, 2014

The Worst Thing In Life – You’ll Be Missed, Robin Williams

Robin WilliamsWe live in a sad world surrounded by people who are questioning themselves and the importance of their lives, gripped by depression. We need to reach out and provide positive encouragement, support, and love before it’s too late, and even then it may not be enough.

I am not immune to the stresses of life. I struggle with decisions that I’ve made, the direction that I’m taking if I’m a good mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend…. I don’t suffer from depression, yet these stresses affect me greatly. Readers often comment on my posts and say things like “It must be nice”, “I wish it was me”, or “You are so lucky”, but this is not encouragement. Rather than making me feel good about accomplishing my dreams, most times I’m left feeling discouraged and disheartened like I’m doing something wrong because I’m following my passion. How is it that the more successful I am in accomplishing my goals, the more disconnected I feel from others? Why do I feel like I have to hide my happiness to connect with people? Why is it that my posts about failure are the most popular?

Robin Williams has died. I didn’t know him personally, but he brought joy into my life. I loved his movies and his positive attitude. I assumed he was a happy man with so much to be proud of in his life. I would have loved to shake his hand and thank him for his contribution to entertainment. His smiling face and comedy brought light into the lives of others. The same can be said for a fellow bucket list blogger, Anita Mac. I read her posts with vigor and often wished for similar blogging success. She was my friend in the blogging world and I admired her adventurous spirit. Yet both of these people took their own lives because of depression. And the worse thing about depression is it’s ignorant. It’s ignorant of age, race, religion, culture, gender, and finance. Regardless of who you are, depression accepts you. It turns sunshine into rain and light into dark. It’s a mask to the world. I wish I could have done something to help them. I wish I could take away their pain. I wish people didn’t need to suffer because they feel alone. I am deeply saddened by this loss.

We can fill the darkness with light. We can be a positive force in each other’s lives. I spend most of my days thinking about bucket lists and accomplishing my dreams before it’s too late. My bucket list isn’t about dying; it’s about celebrating life. We need to celebrate our lives and the lives of others on a regular basis.

Have you been a positive influence on someone’s life today?

Robin Williams said,

“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” – Robin Williams as Lance Clayton in World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

If you accomplish one thing today, please let it be making yourself and others feel happy and loved. No one should feel alone. Go and hug your family and tell them you love them. Encourage them. Support them. Show them love. It’s the best thing we can do all day.

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