Faith and Football–The Ties That Bind

Faith in Christ – Love of Football

With our son and grandsons scattered across the South Atlantic and Midwest States and one in Europe serving his country, our faith in Christ and love of football continue to keep our family close in heart and spirit.

The National Football League (NFL) has just concluded Week Two of the 2014-2015 season.   And who knew a woman of my age with only a minor interest in football would be anxiously awaiting each week’s reviews?  And why, you might ask?

Well, it all started back around 28 years ago when our eldest son Bob’s most favorite and frequent pastime with our three grandsons was watching, playing, or debating football and even collecting Topps football trading cards.

It wasn’t that all of them rooted for the Washington Redskins–our home team.  No. They were fans of opposing teams.  Our son, Bob, is a New York Giants fan; his eldest son, Joey (28), a Dallas Cowboys and now also Chicago Bears fan.  Joey’s interest in the Dallas Cowboys most likely goes back to the days when his dad was a Redskins fan and the two teams were first recognized as the best rivals in the NFL–and, too, Joey always enjoys and looks for lively debates. Michael (26), has always been a San Francisco 49ers follower, and Andy (22), remains truly loyal to DC’s team even though he hasn’t lived in our area for eight years–And, has only seen the Redskins in a Superbowl one time.  In 1997, in Coach Joe Gibbs second season, they played in Super Bowl XXVI and beat the Buffalo Bills 37-24–following their all-time best season finish at 17 wins and 2 losses!

And to bring my discussion about football and my interest in weekly status reports to a head, I’d like to share with you our eldest grandson Joey’s NFL Weekly Review with “Rob Crowe” – NFL 10:  Week 2

Two weeks in and I’m already scratching my head a little bit. Teams that I thought were going to be GREAT this year are below average or worse. Sorry Saints fans, you still stink away from the dome. I thought the Raiders wouldn’t suck. I didn’t think they would be good, just not suck. Sadly the Raiders are still the Raiders. I also thought the Cowboys would be historically bad, but they remembered how to hand the ball to Demarco Murray and have over achieved on defense. And don’t get me started on my Giants, for who, in spite of logic, I still cling to hope for. In any case, week 2…


1. Dear Oakland Raiders, I’ve always heard that everyone enjoys their own scent, but that was just offensive, or so says Charles Woodson, and I quote, “we suck,” and, “I’m embarrassed.” I’m embarrassed for him after the dump they took all over that game. i swear someone buttered the ball before that before that game because watching James Jones chase two consecutive fumbles off a single catch was a bit like watching a bunch of drunk guys chasing a greased up pig at the fair.


2. and speaking of embarrassing… hey Colin Kaepernick, why not show some modesty. I know, I know, Kyle fuller, Chris Conte, and Danny McCray are all famous athletes and you were a little star struck, but at least make them buy you dinner before you give it all away like that. Four turnovers, Really? no one likes a groupie.


3. On a related note, Bear fans and pundits, can we please stop pretending like Jay Cutler was the hero of that game… PLEEEEEZ! the defense, i mean Kapn K, bailed you out with four turnovers, and Brandon Marshall single-handedly carried that offense… and by that I mean he leaped through the air and made a one-handed circus catch for a TD followed by two more TD catches.


4. This just in, J.J. Watt apparently plays every position on the field. that’s right, he scored a touchdown from the tight end spot this Sunday.. and Oakland hangs their collective heads in shame… again.


5. In other news, the NFC ordered the refs of Monday night’s Eagles Colts game to refund their game checks and immediately take a trip to Lense Crafters. After missing a blatant pass interference call that resulted in T.Y. Hilton hitting the turf and a subsequent Andrew Luck interception the refs decided to call a phantom horse collar tackle of LeSean McCoy, allowing the eagles to tie the game at 27 all. this was a two score swing as the Colts were well within Vinatieri’s range which would have made it a minimum of 30-20 Colts.


6. having said that though, the sheer pace with which the Eagles are able to run plays while still basically being a run first offense is impressive. I was out of breath just watching them. I can only imagine what opposing defenses must feel like… probably similar to Jonah Hill after walking from the couch to the kitchen for a bag of Cheetohs. McCoy and Sproles are going to be a nightmare all year long.


7. This makes the colts 0-2. that’s right two of the teams expected to be in the thick of the playoff hunt have the same amount of wins as the Giants, Jags, and Raiders. Meanwhile the Buffalo Bills are undefeated.


8. Apparently the Colts-Eagles refs weren’t the only ones who got paid off this week. Marty Mornhinweg kamikazeed a 36 yard game tying TD pass on 4th and 4 and ended the Jets hope of an upset over the Green Bay Packers.


9. Seahawks fans across Seattle shed a tear as it was the first time in over three years that the hawks lost by more than a score. don’t get used to it though. These guys are too tough to let that happen again. and Sherman exposed? get real! he gave up three passes for less than fifty yards and zero TDs. I’m not impressed Keenan Allen.


10. there is a tombstone being placed in a field near Fed-Ex Field today. It reads R.I.P. RGIII’s career as a franchise QB.

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With all this being said I’d to close my post about our guys and their football by also adding that they stay fans of football and stay passionate in their faith because they continue to do good works for God’s people and their families. And by knowing that they have the following biblical verse in common with so many other faithful athletes:

Isaiah 40:30-31 – New International Version (NIV)

30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.


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