D’ya Ever Attend a “Reveal” Party?

  As 60 Minutes nonagenarian reporter Andy Rooney used to say; “D’ya ever…”


Well, I’m saying it now; “D’ya ever attend a “reveal” party?”  I would bet Andy in all his 92 years never did.  Reveal parties are a new 21st-century phenomenon that began in the United States, possibly on the Today Show in 2010 when TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting reality TV persons Josh and Anna Duggar cut into a cake that was dyed pink inside to learn that they were expecting a baby girl.

Yes, some expectant parents are inviting family and friends to share their reactions to their “boy or girl” news — a trend that some have called “presumptuous” and “narcissistic,” while a growing number of expectant parents are embracing the excuse to party before delivery!  So, when our family called for a celebratory occasion, I kept an open mind and looked at the reveal party as another life experience opportunity–and, to do life with family.

How does it work?

My grandchildren had their ultra-sound doctor write down the baby’s gender and seal the news in an envelope. Vowing not to peek, they gave the envelope to a friend who made the color filled cake (pink or blue) based on the ultrasound results.

Boy or girlWhen we arrived we were given our choice to wear a pink or blue beaded necklace to display our personal gender prediction.  I chose blue.  They also had a large gift-wrapped box that was taken outdoors to open.  When the expectant parents unwrapped it, a bouquet of gender-appropriate balloons floated up to the sky.

Then, we all sat down to a great spaghetti dinner prepared by our party’s host–our daughter-in-law.


But, what about party gifts?

Nope.  I researched for the proper gender reveal party etiquette.  No baby gifts!  We did, however, choose to take a bottle of wine for our hosts, as you would for other dinner invitations.  We just knew that after the event had ended and all the clean up was done, that the grandparents-to-be could surely use a nice relaxing sip or two.

All in all, it was a fun time and another opportunity for the two families and friends united by their children’s relationship to meet and greet and share good times before the big event.

Oh, did I forget to mention?

It’s a boy!



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