Rated BP-14

This Post contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age

When both your parents have Alzheimer’s dementia you often live your life in the midst of turmoil with only an occasional few moments of reprieve from strife, unrest, anxiety, confusion, and other medical maladies.  That pretty much describes my yesterday. And then, after spending the night and regulating blood pressures, blood sugars, and personalities, there comes a totally unexpected moment that returns love and laughter to the family mix.

Does this happen with your family during mealtime? Or, is it just a phenomenon in ours?

It happened while at the lunch table and the parents “quite normally” started discussing/comparing bodily fluids and functions.  So, our family’s octogenarian patriarch adds a recitation to the conversation, as follows:
man on toilet

Now I’m sitting in all my bliss,

Listening to the trickling piss,

Every once in a while a fart is heard

Which gives the warning of a coming turd! –AHHHH

All of us–mom, dad and me–belly laughed. Here I am in my 60’s, and never before have I heard my dad come out with this little rhyme. But it will always be one of those funny moments not soon forgotten and one that I quickly shared with the rest of the fam via instant messaging!

And for those of you interested in the poem’s author–I couldn’t find one when I searched online.  Geez, could it be a dad original?  He does remain a man of unfiltered communication, one of quick wit and also one on occasion who has been known to be full of “it.”  With my forever love and respect, I share this with my readers in hopes those in similar situations who need a laugh found one in this post.

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