Thanksgiving Invites–Anyone Dead or Alive

Who’s On Your Guest List?

How many times in life have you been asked; “If you could invite anyone dead or alive to dinner, who would be your quests?”  And sometimes this question has a follow-up or two: “Why?” And, “What would you say to them?”

My Honored Guest List:

I would first invite Jesus Christ who has always been there for me and my family in good times and bad. He would lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving for our food and this special time together. He also would keep the conversations focused on what’s truly important in this life and impart a special message to us just before our time together ended.

For entertainment, I would invite the truly unique talent and voice of  Elvis Presley with his Jordanaire backup band. Elvis was more than a pop or rock n roll artist. His early love of music came from his spiritual and gospel beginnings.  In fact, I’d ask Elvis to sing “How Great Thou Art.”  “How Great Thou Art” appeared on the title track of Presley’s 1967 gospel album which won him his first Grammy. And then his live performance of it earned him yet another Grammy in 1974.

Mamma, Roy, and Uncle Johnny Mixing It Up with Family

And sitting around the table with today’s extended family would be my maternal grandparents, Roy and Loretta, and their son, my uncle, Johnny.  These are the people who loved and cared for me in my formative years.  These are the family members that taught me the importance of family and what it means to be a part of a nurturing environment.  I was so very blessed to have them in my life.  As I wrote in several of my posts over the past two years they all had qualities that made them larger than life in my eyes and my heart.

I recognize that my invite to them this Thanksgiving is solely selfish yet, they still could bestow their wisdom and guidance on those family members who followed after their passings and I would love for everyone to get to know these ancestors.

My grandfather, Roy, exemplified what it was to be “man of the house,” family provider, and strong in his silence rather than speak anything derogatory about others.  And, Roy could enlighten my brothers and other male family members about his days’ times and how extended families flocked together during hard times to more than just “weather through.”  Instead, families received their greatest gifts of quality times and fighting the good fights in trying times of survival mode.  Our son, Bobby, who says that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because of time spent with family would truly enjoy conversing with Roy.

I truly believe ’til this day that Mamma Loretta is my spiritual guide.  And, I talk with her nearly daily. I believe granddaughter Kylie and other female family members would thrive around Mamma and be in awe of some of the stories she could share from her past. Meanwhile, our daughter Jennifer and mamma could compare notes about women’s schedules of yesteryear vs. today’s women’s roles and responsibilities. Please believe me when I say my mamma was well ahead of her times and was a self-made female who shared her zest for life and confidence in going for it with me.

Uncle Johnny lived his life to the fullest in his short 37 years on this earth. He was always upbeat and full of energy.  Johnny had an overall great aura if you will.  Everybody loved him and loved being around him because he added fun to our lives.  I just know our son and Johnny would get along famously because Jeff is so much like how I remember my uncle.

A Line from Shakespeare…

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say good night till it be morrow?

Unlike today’s thanksgivings when we so look forward to having the long day of preparation, hosting, clean up, and travel home come to a close, the end of this day would be the absolute hardest despite and because of all the good times with lost loved ones and reflections of memories now past.  Here’s where we rely on our faith to get us through it.–knowing that we will all be together again someday.

It’s All About That “Baste”

To lighten this somewhat solemn and somber ending to this post, I thought I’d share this clever parody of Meghan Trainor’s It’s All About That Bass:

And, now I’m asking you–“Who would be on your guest list?”

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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