Old Wounds Reopened…

When asked about how I feel about the August+ events in Ferguson, Missouri, that now have festered and exacerbated old wounds among our people, my only answer can be; “I’m having flashbacks to the happenings in the 1960’s, equal rights movements, and the 1990’s in Los Angeles and around the United States after the Rodney King traffic stop, his beatings and arrest, and police acquittals.”  If any fingers must be pointed, then let’s point them at the media, who always spins and sensationalizes stories to incite publicity and ultimately generate unrest and many times illogical and irrational responses that harm all of us as a society.

So, I went back through some archives to back up my memories of the 1960’s, and my feelings that after nearly 55 years we (the world) may have fooled ourselves about the progress we have made in the arena of human rights.  Below is a newsreel from the Universal Studios collection of “Universal Newsreels.”   Ed Herlihy, famous radio announcer whose voice charted the course of World War II for moviegoers, then for the better part of 40 years spoke for Kraft foods on radio and television, narrates “News Highlights of 1960, 1960/12/31.”  So, I ask you–“Just how much have we changed things in our families, our communities, and the world at large to help us all get along, to succeed together, and to just love thy neighbors?

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