Odd Christmas Customs From Newspaper Archives!

 “Old Christmas fare did not include the turkey, now the modern Christmas bird.  In olden days, a roasted peacock took its place on the festive board.”

Canaseraga 1913-1915 1Last week I wrote about the great newspaper archives at fultonhistory.com.  I promised I would go back and take a closer look.  So I searched for the word Christmas this time.  The interesting article of customs (to the left) across the world from 1913-1915 appeared.  I next googled Canaseraga to see what I could learn about this New York City and the newspaper in which I found this article. I hope you find the customs as interesting as I did.  And now, for some background on the area and the newspaper from which this article came:

Canaseraga, New York

Canaseraga is a village in Allegany County, New York, United States. The population was 550 at the 2010 census.The name comes from a creek that flows past the village, which is reportedly a native term for “lying among milkweed“.

The village lies in the northern part of the town of Burns at New York State Route 70 and County Road 13.

The community was one of the original settlements in the town but was subordinate to the community of Burns until about 1840. The village of Canaseraga was incorporated in 1892. It was originally called “Whitney Valley”.

As a result of a fire, the town is now much smaller than it once was. Many residents travel to nearby communities to shop and attend movies, as Canaseraga is very limited. There is one school, for pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The school offers soccer, basketball, skiing, and baseball/softball), but lacks other sports such as football and track. Canaseraga has a Fall Harvest Festival which offers several activities for families.

Canaseraga Four Corners Historic District is a national historic district at Canaseraga in Allegany County, New York. The district consists of 1.7 acres (0.69 ha) and includes 16 contributing buildings. It encompasses that part of the remaining commercial core that retains a high degree of architectural integrity. It is an intact example of a cohesive collection of a building type and style that characterized rural villages at the end of the 19th century.[2]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Canaseraga 1913-1915 2Canaseraga - Four Corners Historic District

As for the Canaseraga Times Newspaper, it seems to have been in business from Nov. 29, 1873, until Oct. 29, 1942–just shy of 69 years! But, given the business district’s number of fires in the 1800’s and the area and population decline to merely 1.06 square miles and 550 people in 2010, this makes this a very small place, only 1 percent of its home country, Allegany. That is, Allegany County is over 1,000 square miles and its 2010 population was nearly 50,000!

Canaseraga 1913-1915 3Canaseraga 1913-1915 4

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