It’s All About them Men!

It's not exactly prose, and no one really knows, where or when the list of quips below originated.  But, my husband, Bob, passed it on to me in an email last week because it made him chuckle.  He had received it from a former colleague. I quickly referred to my source for global information--Google--and found the first instance of … Continue reading It’s All About them Men!

On the Road Again–Music City Here We Come!

Amid threats of a winter storm, at 6 a.m. Friday morning, January 23, 2015, my sister (by another mother whose birthday would have been on Saturday), and I began our travels from Maryland to Nashville to surprise her 27-year-old son, my nephew, Brandon, and his band Two Ton Twig, at their first Nashville area gig on … Continue reading On the Road Again–Music City Here We Come!

From Harp to Heart to Banjo Plucking Fingers

Our Family's Gifted and Talented Musicians  John Doan - Harp Guitarist I have written a few times in past posts about our family's gifted and talented, especially our musicians--past and present.  In particular, I have mentioned maternal cousin John (through my grandmother Loretta Lathrop (nee) branch and my 8th great grandfather Samuel Lathrop, Esquire (1623-1700) … Continue reading From Harp to Heart to Banjo Plucking Fingers

Our Descendancy–in Red, White and Blue…

America's Red, White and Blue... On June 14, 1777 in Philadelphia,  the Second Continental Congress adopted a resolution: “Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white, in a blue field representing a new constellation.” As to the significance of our flag's … Continue reading Our Descendancy–in Red, White and Blue…

Boling, Texas: ZIPcode 77420

Too many historic and genealogical instances made it inconceivable for me not to have associated my Ford, Morris, Wharton, and Boling Family lineage with Wharton County's Boling, Texas! And then, among the Google Books I found the following that placed the Texas Wharton's and Boling's back among  my paternal great grandfather's and great grandmother's of Virginia..  By G. Brown … Continue reading Boling, Texas: ZIPcode 77420

Vanishing Data?

Among one of the last of 2014's NYT Upshot  Columns, Columnist Justin Wolfers discusses Census Bureau plans to cut marriage and divorce questions from the U.S. Census 2020! A political conversation has been started.  I urge all interested to weigh in: "The U.S. Census Bureau Plans to Cut Marriage and Divorce Questions" By Justin Wolfers - The Upshot Columnist: … Continue reading Vanishing Data?