Have You Ever Made A Bucket List?

Has My Life Really Been About the “tail wagging the dog”?

Several times throughout my life I have thought about making a bucket list.  For whatever the reason(s), I always come up blank.  It’s not that I have lived my life to its fullest, or done everything I ever wanted to do, but I just can’t pinpoint my mental or emotional blocks.

Could it be that I am afraid to create the list because I would have to work at making my dreams come true? Or, rather, that I don’t believe in my abilities to make my dreams come true?  Could it be that I would have to admit that I am not immortal?  Or, do I fear my death on this planet will come sooner as a result of creating and completing the list?  Has my life really been about the tail wagging the dog?

Moving Out of My Comfort Zone

SoHave You Ever Made a Bucket List today, I set out to give my bucket list one more try.  I quickly discovered that my thinking on this naturally put God first and my thoughts flowed like this: He will not harm me; He has a plan for me to prosper; I put all my worries in His hands.  The only two or three other items that came out this process were my fear of living and fear of going outside my comfort zone.  And, when I actually let myself think further the only other thought that came to mind was the freedom I saw others express as a result of riding a zipline!  I’m not kidding this was the real process and the real thoughts.

What do you think–is it time for counseling?

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