William Langson Lathrop–“The Pennsylvania Impressionist”

Father of New Hope, Pennsylvania Art Colony My sixth maternal cousin (2x removed), "The Pennsylvania Impressionist"  William Langson Lathrop (1859–1938) was born in Warren, Illinois, and raised at his family's farm in Painesville, Ohio, by his parents Byron P. Lathrop, a physician, and Isabella A. Langson Lathrop, who was of Irish descent and a lover of the arts. … Continue reading William Langson Lathrop–“The Pennsylvania Impressionist”

Back to the Future–Really?

Yet another perspective into how our Past may help portray what's in our future... A few hours ago, Cousin Lyle posted publicly on FB: We are going through a period of adjustment. Wage stagnation for most seems unending. Technology and automation and global trade and labor competition have labor on the ropes. Governmental policy can help, … Continue reading Back to the Future–Really?


Several members of my family, friends, neighborhood, and biblical communities have recently lost or are in the midst of fighting to save someone or something we love or care deeply about. Our feelings can be very painful and difficult.  And, initially we feel like our extreme sadness will never let up.  Since I never seem to find just the right words … Continue reading H.O.P.E.

Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather – Part Two

John and Pocahontas in Kippax: England and Virginia This post picks up on my blog Revisiting--Johannes Eustacius "John" Rolfe...My 11th Great Grandfather, dated May 6, 2015, and my efforts to expand and support Christine Dean's (history enthusiast), work in Heacham-Norfolk, England--the Rolfe family's hometown.  For the past 20 years she has been researching the Rolfe's, Chief Powhatan, … Continue reading Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather – Part Two


In my research on  Pocahontas, the  Rolfes, Bollings, Branches, Lewises, and Randolphs of Virginia... I happened upon the following blog post from Life - News, articles, and information on family life and entertainment: Brave New World: John Smith. Unfortunately this Blogger website has no history, author, or contact information other than the article being posted (without any … Continue reading  BRAVE NEW WORLD: JOHN SMITH

“A Tale of Two Bostons “

When corresponding with those from "across the pond," or elsewhere in the world, I sometimes find it necessary to do side research within our topic of discussion. Quite often, I experience an "Aha moment" of enlightenment. Today was such the case. Here's a part of the message that I didn't quite grasp: "Last summer 2013 Boston … Continue reading “A Tale of Two Bostons “

Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather

Preserved--The 435-Year-Old John Rolfe Family Bible Christine Dean, 30 year resident of Heacham, England, and I have been corresponding for the past several months, following her interesting comments that added greatly to my two-year-old blog post titled "Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather."  It seems that Christine has been gathering information about John Rolfe, Chief … Continue reading Revisiting–Johannes Eustacius “John” Rolfe…My 11th Great Grandfather