Coincidence or Destiny?

Census records from 1870-1900 reveal that my maternal great grandfather, John Carpenter Ford (1864-1961)–one of the last of 2 survivors of 19th Century Indian Wars and infantryman of Company D., 17th Infantry–was born and raised just off of Forestville Road in Forestiville, NC –known since the beginning of the 20th century as Wake Forest.

Forestville NC Baptist Church 1860

In 1960, nearly 100 years after great grandpop John’s birth in Forestiville, NC,  and one year after his death at the United States Airmen’s and Soldier’s Home in Washington, DC, my family (unaware of John’s birth location), moved to Forestville, MD–just a hop, skip, and a jump off of Forestville Road, MD.

Fifty-five years later, my parents are the last of our family of five to remain in Forestville and in their home that still shows good as new!

Both Forestvilles made for great beginnings and very likely a final neighborhood for our very senior parents who still have one couple of old-time friends just outside of their backyard.

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