“We’re On A Mission From God,” – Days 7 and 8

It’s very hard to believe that today, Friday, July 3, 2015, will be our team’s final full day of simple acts of obedience to God to help bring hope and life change to thousands of Honduran people.

Some Of Our Simple Acts of Kindness This Past Week– We:

  1.  Installed 4  latrines and out houses
  2.  Installed and/or maintained  17  water filters
  3.  Conducted  2 days of vacation bible school filled with fun and learning activities
  4.  Built a long-awaited roof on a local family’s home
  5.  Participated in 1 inspiring church service with Comayagua friends
  6.  Attended 1 goodbye dinner with El Ayudante leaders, staff and team members in the City of Comayagua
  7. Contributed to improving 100’s of families lives through volunteering in El Ayudante programs and services
  8. Experienced 100’s of Yay God moments
  9. Accumulated 100’s of unique and spectacular memories to our otherwise pedestrian lives
  10. Prayed 1,000’s of prayers to keep the good works flowing and that we might do it again in the future.

Yes, the roof got finished as well as many other projects.  Goodbye for now, neighbor. We hope you and your family enjoy the comfort it brings to you.Goodbye Finished Roof

2015-05-31 007Bob and I took a few minutes for ourselves to savor our time in the mountains; to take a couple of pictures to say to our family back home that we’re never too old to climb a mountain (on land or as a leap of faith), or to just clown around and enjoy life; to give a big hug to a curious toddler who stole our hearts away; and, to remember our friend and translator, David, who was so impressed with our story and our way of celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary here in Honduras. And, a shout out to Jonathan, Jose, and Christian–all of them such wonderful young men!2015-05-31 009 2015-05-31 011
And, there are not enough words to adequately thank the El Ayudante leaders and staff for their ongoing efforts and wonderful hospitality.  We love you all and want to be sure to include the guards that watched over us at night and the drivers that knew how to get us safely to and from all our destinations, the clinic workers, and our housekeepers and their families for sharing them.

We Brought a Zoo to the San Pedro Sula Airport

zoo game 1zoo game2Not really, but a lot of people were watching our spectacle.  You see, to pass the time while waiting to catch our flight out, the teenagers decided to start a game of “Zoo.”  “Zoo” is a rhythm-party game where each player represents themselves in the game as an animal by making a hand gesture. For example, you could be a bear by holding up both hands as claws. In a single “turn,” using both hands in a consistent rhythm, you: slap your thigh, slap your thigh, clap, make your animal’s gesture, and at the end of the next rhythm chain, you make another player’s animal gesture to move the “turn” to a player of your choice.  Rhythm and concentration are key.  When concentration is lost, rhythm is lost and the player who breaks the rhythm chain is knocked out of the game until only one person remains as the winner. Time flew by and we all laughed over and over again as the game sped up and players were knocked out–yet another memory and interaction among the families and the ages.

Our Youth Led An Airplane Full of Passengers 

After a very long day of traveling the youth on our team as we approached Washington, D.C.–our nation’s capitol–on the day we celebrate our Independence–busted out singing our national anthem! The entire plane joined in. So very proud of these amazing kids!

And, I can’t believe that it has been nearly a month now since we departed for our trip of a lifetime that on so many levels was as meaningful to others as it was us.  When I am asked what I liked most about our trip, I am either long on thoughts, or short on words. You see, the meaning of life, from God’s perspective is where I want to be–totally surrendered to His will and His plan for me–not caught up in the mundane hustle and bustle that so many think is “living life to its fullest”.  Always praise God for all His graces and gifts, and I thank him for my peek at heaven and peace in my heart.

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