Happy National Dog Day!

National Dog Day, founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige and has been celebrated annually since August 26, 2004.  To honor man's best friends, this day especially encourages dog ownership and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live happy, safe and “abuse-free lives”.   The goal for celebrating National Dog … Continue reading Happy National Dog Day!

A Poem For All You Genealogists

I am taking a short break from working with data sets about my ancestors from the Tidewater Region, Virginia. Today I am exploring old periodicals made available online.This time I happened upon a poem in the monthly magazine, Hobbies from the May 1940 issue.  As an aside, Hobbies began in 1931 with articles of interest to various collectors. Its publisher, O.C. Lightner … Continue reading A Poem For All You Genealogists

A Fallen Limb

I came upon this poem today, author unknown, and it just seemed right for me to share it on my blog. It's been awhile since a limb has fallen from my immediate family tree and we have only God to thank for this. Yet others, very recently, in our biblical community have lost fathers, mothers, husbands, … Continue reading A Fallen Limb

Along the Tidewater Region–I Can See Clearly Now…

The Tidewater Region? Have you ever heard meteorologists or others refer to an area called the Tidewater Region? It’s one of those things that for years I have been meaning to learn more about.  You know, what’s “tidewater” mean and just how large is the region; does it span more than one state? A friend’s … Continue reading Along the Tidewater Region–I Can See Clearly Now…