Happy National Dog Day!

Dogs are family too

National Dog Day, founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige and has been celebrated annually since August 26, 2004.  To honor man’s best friends, this day especially encourages dog ownership and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live happy, safe and “abuse-free lives”.   The goal for celebrating National Dog Day is to find homes for all dogs in need of a loving family. The Foundation’s goal is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year.

Time Magazine is honoring National Dog Day this year on their time.com webpage by pulling a 1928 magazine cover and story from its archives.  It features “Max,” an ordinary basset hound who saved his owner’s life . A brief synopsis follows:

“Max barked until a policeman came to revive Gilbert Kirkwood”

National Dog Day 8-26-1928 Time MagTIME Magazine looked back at the the first nonhuman to be a TIME cover subject: a basset hound puppy who was a born show dog with champion parents. But the story, which was prompted by the 1928 Westminster Kennel Club dog show, took a much broader look at the state of dogs in America.

In Manhattan, Max, a police dog, watched his owner, one Gilbert Kirkwood, a plasterer, going to sleep with a cigaret in his mouth. When he saw that Gilbert Kirkwood’s cigaret had dropped and ignited the bedclothes, Max dragged the burning bedclothes away from Gilbert Kirkwood and put them in the kitchen. Then he dragged Gilbert Kirkwood, overcome by smoke, off the bed and put him in the kitchen right next the bedclothes. After this, Max barked until a policeman came to revive Gilbert Kirkwood and to extinguish both his bedclothes and the conflagration caused by dragging these from room to room.

Harley2We, too, celebrated National Dog Day in 2015, by rescuing a stray long-haired chihuahua who was slated to be euthanized because of his age (estimated at 10 years), anxieties (in a kennel surrounded by about eight barking pitbulls), and massive dental problems (12 of his teeth were infected or rotted and had to be removed).  After three weeks with us and our two other chihuahuas (ages 13 and 9), Harley, as we named him, began to reveal his delightful, almost puppy-like personality.   And, it took only a couple more weeks for him to vocalize his needs, interests, and concerns. In all, we spent about $350 to bring this little guy back from a questionable life–he still shakes and shivers during lightning and thunder storms, which means we just get to snuggle with him a little more.  And during some of our family’s recent stressful times, he has been quite the gentle companion.

Tri-County Animal Shelter (TCAS) Observes National Day Dog, too!

As an aside, I am aware that our local Tri-County Animal Shelter (Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s), in Hughesville, MD, seldom receives good press. However, this is an occasion where I would like to share with you that they, too, honored our locally surrendered and strayed animals.  On Saturday, August 15th, they held a “Clear the Shelter Day.”  Their kennels were filled so they waived the $85 – $125 adoption fees on all animals adopted that day.  As a result,  all 67 animals were either adopted out to families or placed in other rescue facilities.  And, today, on the annual day of honoring dogs, they again waived their fees.  Kim Stephens hasn’t yet tallied the results but she will forward them to be included in the Charles County Government to be posted on its web page (charlescountymd.gov/es/animalshelter/tri-county-animal-shelter).

As you can see in the table below, the Hughesville facility in calendar year 2014 received 3,130 dogs and adopted or found rescue shelters for nearly 82 percent of them–our adoption will be included in the 2015 stats.  In honor of this year’s dogs and other animals, we hope the numbers of received animals decreases and the numbers of adoptions and rescues increase.  We can do our fair share by ensuring that all our animals are micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and receive their innoculations and vaccinations.TCAS 2014 Calendar Year Stats

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