A Woman Before Her Time: Loretta Alice (Lathrop) Ford

My Role Model —

In memory of my maternal grandmother, Loretta Alice (Lathrop) Ford (1895-1968). She would have been 121 years old today–a woman before her time–god loving, pioneer-spirited, and up to any challenge despite her age, gender, social status or physicality–MY ROLE MODEL.

Loretta Alice (Lathrop) Ford

Loretta Alice (Lathrop) Ford

I loved her dearly and daily life events keep her ever-present in my heart and mind.  You always knew when she was happy because she would be whistling a tune or two; I never once heard her complain or fail to help others in need, even when times were not easy in her own life.  I believe grandma was and remains my guardian angel.

This picture was taken at my family’s home where we held our wedding reception on a beautiful sunny and warm Saturday, on March 27, 1965. Nearly 51 years ago. Her surviving nine heart attacks before succumbing to the flu and then pneumonia attests to her fortitude in this life.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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