Remembering Our Mount Calvary School (MCS) and Community

June 6, 2016:

FYI: Dan Dusseau, former Mount Calvary School student  received this email about Mount Calvary’s School Closing Mass on 06/12/16 @ 10:30 am . . .

As you may have already heard, Mount Calvary Catholic School will be
closing our doors at the end of the School term on June 10, 2016.
Alumni and supporters are invited to join us for the 10:30am Closing
Mass on June 12, 2016, followed by a reception in the “Blue Room” of
Mount Calvary Catholic School. We are very grateful to those of you
that continued to believe in the value of education and our students at
Mount Calvary Catholic School. Your participation in donating to our
Annual Appeals had an impact on the future of our students, as many of
you and your families once had. We are very saddened that our
enrollment was not increasing and we had deep deficits to cover.

It has been an inspiration hearing from former students online that
shared their memories and how their lives were impacted by their early
Catholic School education. We have had the opportunity to share in our
students many accomplishments through academics and school performances.

My personal THANK YOU! These may seem like two small words but them
hold a great deal of appreciation and gratitude. In my few years hear,
I have had a great admiration for the staff and students. It too breaks
my heart for it to come to an end. However, trusting in God and knowing
that His Will be done, I will continue to give my best.

Please keep our staff in your prayers that they may find new positions
and that our dearly loved students will adjust successfully in their new
schools. We will continue to keep you lifted in ours. Our school theme
of “We Are Family” reminds us that you definitely have been an
important part of our extended family. Again, thank you for supporting
the vision and mission of Mount Calvary Catholic School to enliven the
hearts and minds of young men and women to better our society.


Regina L. Barrett, School Advancement Coordinator
Mount Calvary Catholic School
6704 Marlboro Pike
Forestville, MD 20747

May 31, 2016:  From the ongoing comments on this site and among FaceBook friends, it appears that former Mount Calvary students from across the country plan to attend the June 12 mass at Mount Calvary.  How very inspirational!  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

May 9, 2016 It’s very inspiring to see the number of comments and articles by others due to the word of mouth about Mount Calvary’s closing.  Here’s another, this time, written by…

Source: Remembering Our Mount Calvary School (MCS) and Community

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