3 Generations Exploring and Reflecting in the Big Apple

On Thursday, November 10, my daughter Jen, her son Aaron, and I departed Maryland. We hopped aboard Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Train and set our sights for The Big Apple. My youngest grandchild, Aaron, soon to be 14, had never been there or even traveled on a train.  It’s Fall, the trees were in their full Fall array of colors, and temperatures mild.  It was also Veteran’s Day Weekend, the 15th Anniversary Year of the horrific 9/11 terrorists attacks on America, and just a day or so after the close of possibly the most controversial presidential campaigns that we’ve ever experienced.  And, to boot,  we had just learned the results of what strategists are now calling the greatest presidential upset in U.S. History–native New Yorker, and wealthy real estate mogul, Donald Trump, wins the race!  Young people in NYC and across the country are peacefully protesting.  All in all, we’re thinking our choice for this extended weekend trip is perfectly timed.

Thanks to Aaron, “Buggy,” we also captured pictures of many of the sites we took in. Overall it was a fantastic weekend.  My desire, beyond adding this post to our family’s history, is that you will be encouraged, if you already haven’t been, to go visit NYC.  You know, besides these sites, New York has an energy like no other city–one that you must visit and experience for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “3 Generations Exploring and Reflecting in the Big Apple

  1. Hello! I believe you and I may be somewhat distantly related.

    My 3x great grandfather was Searle Peck Lathrop born March 1821 in Pennsylvania, died July 1890 in Wyalusing, PA.

    Among his children was my great great grandmother Ella Celine Lathrop born Feb 1846 d. 1937. She married a man Percy S. Gaylord. (I thought I had some evidence he was her second marriage but of that I’m not certain anymore).

    Anyway, I believe our Searle Lathrops match. I would love to exchange more information with you if possible.


    • Yes, my 2nd great grandfather was Serrel Peck Lathrop. His son was William Bernard Lathrop and my maternal grandmother was Alice Lauretta Lathrop/Loretta Alice Lathrop Ford. We have little personal information about William Bernard Lathrop’s family because for some unknown reason my grandmother was estranged from them and her mom dad died when she was 18, and her dad, when was 23.


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