Wharton’s – My Ancient Ancestors

Often when I'm researching family history, regardless of the branch, I feel a real connection and gain a greater understanding of familial traits and relationships.  Yet sometimes, especially in the ancient families' histories, the facts seem so very surreal; especially as they unfold through the mix of aristocracies, the haughty "blue-bloods," castles, manor houses, servants, … Continue reading Wharton’s – My Ancient Ancestors

Ancient Wharton’s “Rocky” Ascent to Nobility

At the close of my recent post Life and Times of Edward Boling and Mary Wharton, I stated that I must dig more deeply to learn about Mary Wharton's family's ancient beginnings.  Our first source was the Doomsday Book of 1086, where we discovered Wharton families in towns and civil parishes named after them in … Continue reading Ancient Wharton’s “Rocky” Ascent to Nobility

“We Live, We Love, We Let Go!”

A Harsh Reality This week our church family was once again struck by a harsh reality--that we live, we love, and then we must let go.  That is, we should never take life, family, friends or God for granted.  We always should live our lives as though today might be our last. Love God, Love … Continue reading “We Live, We Love, We Let Go!”