“So Much Wasted Time”

I dedicate this post to Chesapeake Church’s Executive Pastor Ann Edwards.  I wish I could credit meditation and deep contemplation for it.  But in fact, it was this weekend’s very poignant message “Isn’t It Time I Stop Wasting My Life,” delivered by Ann Edwards at Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown, Maryland, that inspired me to spread the good news.

As a segueway back to the recent death of former teenage heartthrob David Cassidy, who starred in the popular TV sitcom of that era “The Partridge Family, ” Ann began her message by reflecting on her times in the 1970’s with her two teenaged sisters.  As Ann put it, David Cassidy had everything going for him–two Hollywood parents, good looks, artistic talents, the best of celebrity friends, and he was making money hand-over-fist at a very early age.  Unfortunately, through the years David let his private life get away from him and suffered a few colossal public “falls from grace.”  At about only a minute into her message, Ann conveys to us the former star’s last words; “So much wasted time.” What a captivating opening and unequivocally tragic example for a wake-up call to us all on the subject of the day “…Stop Wasting My Life.”

I must also tell you that David Cassidy at his death was three years my junior and despite his wasted time, David seems to have far exceeded anything that I have done in my life that I would consider notable or life-affirming.  I can somewhat counter-balance this negativity in me by reflecting on the tangible values I place on my faith, family, and friends.  But, I know I can and should do more with the time I have been given here on earth.

Next, Ann dived into explaining the parable found in the anchor verses for this week:   Matthew 25:14-25:30.  This parable is known as “The Parable of the Talents.”  This is a simple story about a wealthy man who is leaving on a journey.  He entrusts his three servants with his vast amount of gold and silver and apportions it, on the basis of their individual abilities. He entrusts the first with five talents (about $1.25 Million each), to the second two talents, and to the third one talent. The first two servants quickly set to work with their master’s money. The third digs a hole in the ground and buries his master’s money. When the master returned, the master commended the first two as “good and faithful servants”; and rewarded them with increased responsibilities in their master’s service; both were invited to share in their master’s joy.  The master cast out the third man.

Now, I know, that my brief synopsis pales in comparison to Pastor Ann’s poignant and thought-provoking message, but, for those of you who couldn’t see and hear her first-hand, I hope you are encouraged to listen to her full podcast:


Yes, Ann, as you said, this was a tough parable.  And yes, a wake-up call because so many of us fail to use our God-given talents, resources, networks, etc., to help others in this world, let alone, to help ourselves be the best we can be as fellow Christians.  But the hidden message of hope that you mentioned; “It’s not too late–it’s never too late on this side of eternity.”

So to my readers:

Do you have “talents” that you’ve buried or are hiding?  Do you have a brilliant mind that is wasting away from misuse or inactivity?   Are you just drifting or caught up in the frenetic pace of the junk of today’s world? Or, are you allowing yourself to be controlled and consumed by the idealistic things that equate to “So Much Wasted Time?”  I for one, want to start again and commit my life making a difference–not just for me–but for those others who share this world with me.



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