𝄞We are F-a-m-i-l-y ♬

If you are a grandmother you may be one of a select few who understands the gravity of your intimate relationships with your grandchildren and their parents who by the way are your children that hopefully you and their father raised together. Now, none of us was handed a parenting guide when we discovered we had a fetus growing inside of us, or for that matter–a grandparenting guide when our children announced their pregnancy.  There were guides that told us what to do and not to do during our pregnancies and books on etiquette about baby showers, baby gifts, safest beds, bedding, toys; books on healthy foods and feeding utensils, and even books on picking out just the right name to ensure that other people will positively perceive our baby in the best of light.  That’s right, it’s true, research tells us that people make intuitive judgments based on what we name our babies and these perceptions can impact their lives either negatively or positively.  Who knew or has taken the time to think deeply about these things?

From a biblical perspective, when God created humans, he designed us to live in families. The Bible tells us that family relationships are important to God. The body of believers in our church is called the family of God. When we receive God’s Spirit at salvation, we are adopted into his family. But how far do our families extend when there are growing pains that involve all of these children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents, not to mention other family members who may choose to weigh in or lend a comment or two in times of opportunities, successes, or even challenging situations?  Now, this is really where family-wide guidance would be helpful.  Even down to the definition of “family.”  One person may believe that the family unit includes only those relatives living in a single household; i.e., the mother, the father, and the biological or adopted brothers and sisters–this person or these people do not consider any others, regardless of matching DNA’s, as a member of their family whether its stressful times or celebrating special occasions or achievements.

And, with all of these definitions of family, their members, their comments, their opinions based on their personal experiences, and their sincere attempts at helping each other out, come the emergence of a spectrum of emotions among the individuals involved.  And that’s when we rely on our strong family relationships, communication skills, and mutual trust and consideration to get us through whatever the circumstance.

family in handsYet, even the strongest, smartest, and most beautiful of families can stumble or fall at times if we forget that we all are God’s children, we all are trying to honor His word and despite our best efforts, we all are imperfect beings who can and will sometimes unknowingly falter.  And, why, you say, does this happen when we truly want only to love and support our children and grandchildren while remaining faithful to our Father.

Baby Holding Dad’s Finger on BibleI guess we were, after all, given a Book to guide us.  But, somewhere, we misplaced our focus or lost faith when times seemed too hard for us to persevere.  So friends–and family–when you hit bumps along this journey we call life, I hope we all can remember to be strong, have faith, and trust in our Father and in his time.  Remember, too, that we all have lessons in life that we must learn.  As in the ancient proverb:  “It takes a village to raise a child;” we so very quickly forget that deep inside of us, we all are still children, just walking miles–going through all of life’s heartaches, struggles, and pains, And, we all are family and families need each other to find our ways to healthier and happier lives while here on this planet earth that we call home.

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