Close Proximities of My Family’s Deaths and Births

As the population of the world is increasing, overall the birth rate is exceeding the death rate, but one does not affect the other as a “rate”.  Yet, I have repeatedly observed in my family’s deaths and births examples that births occur within a year or less of each family member’s death.  From my longstanding genealogical research,  I am not aware of any theological or sociological basis, or scientific or mathematical studies, about the death of one family member correlating with the birth of another.  So, only from my familial perspective, do I see a balanced rate of births and deaths.

My first awareness of these familial birth-death proximities happened when my mother-in-law passed when our first-born son was just six weeks old.  Next, my maternal grandmother passed when I was pregnant and in my first trimester with our second son.    Our family’s most recent pregnancy happened within a few days before my mom’s passing.  In fact, my grandson’s wife shared her news with me at mom’s funeral this past March.  Sure enough, a beautiful baby girl was born just 12 days before Christmas– three days shy of nine months after mom passed.  Similarly, my mom discovered she was three months pregnant when her 37-year-old brother suddenly died.  And my 90-year-old dad was born within the year of his paternal grandmother’s death.   And the list goes on…

The only way I cope with my dark feelings and angst about these phenomena is to tell myself this is God’s plan for keeping families together in heaven while renewing them on earth.

Have any of you noticed similar instances in your families?  Has anyone created a spreadsheet that compares these events?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Close Proximities of My Family’s Deaths and Births

  1. I never really considered this. Although I must say that after being unable to conceive, I became pregnant after the death of my father in law. My spouse noted the connection right away. My tree does have months with many births/ deaths in the same month.


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