My Genetic Genealogy – 1700-1725

Much of what I am about to share with you, I gleaned from my DNA Story as provided to me by    Part 1 covers my DNA timeline from 1700-1725.  More posts will cover the remaining timeline that spans to 1925.

Eighty-six percent of my DNA-matched ancestry originated in England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, Ireland, and Scotland.  The other 14 percent of my ancestry came from Germanic Europe and Norway.  Today nearly 4,000 of my ancestors (from 1st to 4th cousins only) live primarily in the United States, with a few identified as far away as the State of Alaska, Australia, and one who remains in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

As I view’s DNA pages I find also that nearly 6,000 of my DNA matches, along with 1.6 million other AncestryDNA members, are genetically linked from migrations  by early (from the early 17th to the early 20th centuries) settlers into the Lower Midwest and Virginia regions of the United States :


Kentucky fever lured one-time English, German, and Scots-Irish immigrants and their descendants west in search of land. Roads, steamboats, and canals helped transform the frontier into settled farms, thriving towns, and even major cities in a matter of decades. The Civil War hit hard, dividing states and sometimes families. The years that followed saw the steady march of generations leaving the land for jobs in manufacturing and oil but taking their roots with them.

1700–1775 Into the Backcountry

“By 1700 flourishing towns and small cities dotted the eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to North Carolina. Many new immigrants from England and Germany and Scots-Irish from northern Ireland pressed into the rugged country to the west where they could find land, religious tolerance, political freedom, and economic opportunity. They faced threats from the French on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains and native peoples who resisted encroachment on their lands.

Below is a list of 21 of my 5th -7th paternal great-grandparents who settled in the in or around Virginia during these years :

  1. John Asbury BIRTH:1720Westmoreland, VA, and Jean Bolling  BIRTH:1724 Stafford, VA (6th  GGParents)
  2. Benjamin Bowling BIRTH: 1704 • and Mary Latham BIRTH:1705 • Stafford, Stafford, VA (6th GGParents)
  3. John Bourne BIRTH:1672 • St Marys, Essex, VA, and Elizabeth Johnson BIRTH:1676• Rappahannock, VA (7th GGParents)
  4. William Brown BIRTH:1722Scotland, Ireland, and Mary Jane Lowe BIRTH:1720 • VA (7th GGParents)
  5. Robert Chewning BIRTH:1711 • and Betty Guttery BIRTH:1718 • Middlesex, VA (6th GGParents)
  6. Thomas Chowning BIRTH: 1684• and Sarah Davis BIRTH:1686 • Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, VA (7th GGParents)
  7. William Balum Dempsey II BIRTH:1720 • Leinster, Dublin, Ireland (5th GGParent)
  8. Aaron Garrison BIRTH:1715 • Stafford, VA, and Elizabeth Birdwell BIRTH:1717 • Bedford, VA (7th GGParents)
  9. William Guttery BIRTH:1697 •  and Lettice Bourk BIRTH:1693 Middlesex, VA(7th  GGParents)
  10. Moses Higginbotham BIRTH:1714 • and Frances Kyle BIRTH: 1734 Amherst, VA (6th GGParents)
  11. John Jett II BIRTH: 1695 •Richmond, VA, and Ann Elizabeth Wells BIRTH:1700 • Culpeper, VA (6th GGParents)
  12. John Jett I BIRTH: 1655 • Richmond, VA, and Elizabeth Frances Triplett • BIRTH:1670 • Rappahannock, VA (7th GGParents)
  13. Samuel S McGehee BIRTH:1706 • and Mary Elizabeth Elliot BIRTH:1714 • • King William, VA (6th GGParents)
  14. Jonathan Stanford BIRTH:1723 • and Elender Nellie Last BIRTH:1725 • Bay City, St Mary’s, MD  • (6th GG Parents)
  15. Henry Stephens BIRTH:1719 • DC, and Ann Flower BIRTH:1719• VA (6th GGParents)
  16. William Tapp III (son of Chief William Taptico II) BIRTH:1707 • Richmond, Wise, VA, and Christian Bourne BIRTH:1708 • Essex, King William, VA (6th GG Parents)
  17. Wicomico Indian Chief William Taptico II BIRTH:1690 • Northumberland, VA, and Elizabeth Barrick BIRTH:1690 • Spotsylvania, VA (7th GGParents)
  18. Ethelred Taylor BIRTH:1699Surry, Surry, VA, and Patience Kinchen BIRTH:1715 • Campbell, VA  (6th GGParents)
  19. Thomas Wharton BIRTH:1711 • and Jane Sparks Miller BIRTH:1720 •  Culpeper, VA  (6th  GG Parents)
  20. Stephen Wells BIRTH:1678 • and Elizabeth Williams Settle BIRTH: 1661•  Richmond, VA (7th GGParents)
  21. James Whitlock  BIRTH:1715 • and  Agnes Christmas BIRTH:1715 Hanover, VA  (6th GGParents)

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