Life–Empty, Unfocused, or Purpose-filled?

Most often, I write about the past and how we can learn from it to change the future.  But this weekend’s message at church so tore at my heart and shook my brain, and yes, so derides any logic, that I am compelled to ponder focusing on the now and how we, all God’s children, might change the future for the better, for younger generations.  The following is an excerpt from that extremely moving message that simply took my breath away.

“Just look at what’s happening in our world today!  We’re living in a world where adultery, lying, stealing, cheating, and covet are considered normal.  There’s divisiveness in our government and divorce in our homes. There’s hate and violence between races, between people, between gender.  And there’s hate and violence toward each other. We live in a world where our children kill themselves–an 11-year-old boy–a child from North Beach–an unspeakable tragic loss.  Who can imagine the depth of hurt and pain this family is experiencing? This isn’t happening somewhere else. This is happening here! Something is going terribly wrong. How did we lose our focus?  How did we get so off purpose? Something’s not working! And while this matters to all of us, if you’re in your 20s, or 30s, or 40s, this really matters to our generation. This is the world in which we are raising our children!  This isn’t somebody else’s problem. This needs to change–something needs to change! And, together we have the opportunity, the responsibility to do something about it. We need to recalibrate, re-focus, and to get back on purpose.”

Bottom line, I don’t have the answers or the resources that would affect the enormous changes that are needed in today’s globalized world.  And, I especially don’t want to belabor the topic with ‘my take’ on all of the changes that are necessary–I am not omnipotent. And, too, I want to acknowledge that unless people feel extreme pain from something in their life, regardless of their ages, they would rather keep things the same rather than change!   The best I can do for me personally is to be the best person I can. I need to listen more for the voice of The Almighty in the midst of all of these noisy and ugly distractions of life–thus, to give it all I have to live a more purpose-filled life.

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