Life Is Peachy!

I recently asked family members to contribute articles about ther lives– past and present,– so we could compare lifestyles, belief systems and cultures to those of our ancestors. They have been somewhat slow in responding to my request. However, some of them freely share their thoughts and values on social media. So, when our son-in-law Brian shared his thoughts that follow on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to share them here. They truly reflect this young man’s deep spirit and desire to keep Jesus Christ present daily in his life.

THANK YOU SON, Brian, for openly sharing yourself:

As we near the end of summer I’m going to take a moment to reflect using these peaches that were grown at Cox Farm Produce in Calvert County, Maryland.

Anyone who knows me knows I love peaches. I go out of my way to find them. On that same thought, God loves me and goes out of His way to pursue me. When I think of the peach I think of how God owns the fruit he shares with us. He puts us in charge of cultivating that fruit for our good.

Cox Farm didn’t invent the peaches. They were put in charge of cultivating them. They obeyed God’s command. When I buy from local farmers, this is my thought process. I’m thankful to God for my life and His provisions. The local farmer is a provision of God. Let that sink in. The peach is the beauty of the labor involved. The taste is the love of God we need to be reminded of daily. God bless the small businesses and our local farmers. Thank you Cox Farm for honoring God’s command and being a great local provider for our community.

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