A Son’s Love of His Father

The video below was created and posted on Facebook on November 5, 2019, by my son-in-law to commemorate the 97th anniversary of his dad’s birthday (William Lyle McDaniel III). Brian’s dad left our world on February 13, 2006, but he also ingrained his values and love of family on him and others whose lives they both touched.

I wanted to share this video because it evoked tears, goosebumps, and only brought only one word to mind–WOW! A son’s love of his father is a wonderfully understated example of a son openly sharing his feelings with others. I’m sure Bill is looking down on his son Brian with pride over how much he’s grown as his son, the boy, a man, husband, father, brother, businessman, creative artist, and especially as an example to others within his biblical community–an immense accomplishment Bill!

Thank you Bill for Brian, and thank you Brian for this amazingly open expression of a son honoring and loving his father. (And, thank you, Lord, for including both of them in my life.)

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