Short on Compassion and Humility?

Our 27-year-old grandson, Andy, is a dedicated and hardworking young man who works two jobs to pay for his recent home purchase. His parents raised him to be God-loving and to have compassion, humility, and integrity in all things. Andy, like all my grandchildren never cease to amaze me in their daily lives and stories that they share about their life experiences. The story below is one that Andy posted on Facebook yesterday. It relates his interactions with a customer as a server in a well-known chain restaurant. The ending took me pleasantly by surprise, given today’s broken society. Just another life’s lesson to be garnered. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

By:  Andy Dickinson, November 10, 2019:

“So, I wanted to share something that I thought was really cool. I had something happen at work that has never happened before. Yesterday I had a guest come into the restaurant where I work as a server. He began asking me all kinds of questions about our restaurant and how long I’d been here and how long my manager had been here, and different things like that.

He got a couple glasses of wine and then he ordered food. His food took a while, it absolutely did, but it wasn’t that he complained to my manager… it was that he was a total ass to my manager. Other restaurant employees will understand when I say he wasn’t just complaining; he was being completely ridiculous. So my manager took the food off his tab and I brought him his ticket for the wine. He told me “I’m not paying for that” and he walked out.

I went back to work today and we opened at 11. I got sat with a couple tables immediately. I got some drinks for these guests and I looked up and yesterday’s guy was back. I was like; “oh shit, what now…” He looked at me and called me over to his table. He said “Andy, I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry that I acted like a child yesterday. You did nothing wrong and I was totally out of line. I apologize for my behavior and I would like to pay yesterday’s full tab.”

I was completely shocked. Never in 10 years of restaurant service has this ever happened. And, of course, I was like “Oh yeah, man. It’s ok, don’t worry about it.” But, as I ran his card I thought to myself and went back and told him these words. “Ya know man, I think everybody has done something in their lives that they regret or they feel bad about, (I know I have), and it takes a really big person to come back and own it. Thank you so much.” And, we shook hands and I gotta say that was really cool.

I think people need more compassion sometimes and for that man to come back and admit he was wrong and to apologize like that took some humbling. A little kindness and forgiveness go a long way. I just thought this incident was really cool and I hope this story encourages others to own up for their actions when they know they have acted or reacted unfairly to others.

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