Yes, at our Age, We Adopted

Our family just got a little larger… We adopted a baby girl. Her name is Cinder Ella. She came to us with a heartbreaking backstory. Cinder Ella’s mom was just a young girl when she was molested and impregnated by an unknown male. Whomever she was staying with in turn dropped her off at a rural Wilson County North Carolina homeless shelter near Rocky Mount and Greeville, NC. Much to the surprise of staff , PJ as mom was later identified, had a multiple birth overnight while staff were asleep. Yes, in the morning PJ was discovered to have had nine newborns all on her own: two females, seven males. Unfortunately, one female and one male did not survive the birthing process.

Staff immediately found a temporary foster home for PJ and her babies and within two days they were relocated to a second foster home in rural Millington, Maryland, near Kent Island. When we learned about PJ’s story, we were immediately interested in helping provide a forever home for one of her babies.

Cinder Ella is the name we chose for our little girl. We were very pleased to pick her up on Friday, December 6, 2019. And, to help ease adjustments for all to our new environment, we brought along Cinder’s much senior chihuahua brothers; Odie (13) and Harley (14) for the occasion.

Readers, you may know I’m interested in my family’s history and genealogy and this is the primary purpose of my blog site. So, true to form, I occasionally write articles about our family’s pets, as I have done here. So, I swabbed Cinder’s mouth and sent off a sample of her saliva to Embark–the canine DNA testing company. In a short two weeks, we received our results, and as we expected her primary breed is American Pit Bull Terrier. Following is the list of Cinder’s mix of seven breeds after Embark’s careful analysis of 200,000 genetic markers:

Cinder’s Breed Mix:
31.7% American Pit Bull Terrier
19.3% German Shepherd Dog
13.7% American Staffordshire Terrier
13.5% Chow Chow
10.1% Golden Retriever
7.3% American Eskimo Dog
4.4% Rottweiler


We hoped by adding a little girl to our family of furry friends that she would ease the alpha-dog tensions between her two brothers. Well, the tensions have lessened over the nearly two months that Cinder has been with us. But, our 14-year-old, Harley, now becomes easily agitated by Cinder’s advances to play with him. Harley has only a few teeth so his only defense is to growl to protect himself. Odie, on the other hand, has teeth and a growl and can convince Cinder to leave him alone. Our solution for Harley is to give him “Just Relax,” herbal supplements to keep him out from under his hiding places. Until Cinder’s excess puppy energies get better controlled, we make every effort to keep puppy Cinder occupied with toys and outside activities when possible. And, on Saturdays, she gets a treat and goes to play with several other pups at Perfect Pet Retreats Puppy Club in Lothian, MD.

Yes, it has been several years since we added new furry friends to our family and it has been an adjustment for Bob and me, too. We’ve learned that it isn’t easy to outwit, outplay, and outlast, all of them. But, we are survivors and are enjoying so many of the antics that go along with adopting a new pup. If you’re thinking about rescuing a furry friend to add to your family, I highly recommend Puppy Paws Rescue – Maryland. They were great to work with.

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