On This Historic Day: From My Heart to Yours

Today, the United States Senate voted (for only for the third time in our country’s history), to acquit its 45th President of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  While I’m not here to discuss party lines or political behaviors by either, both, or all parties participating in these events over the immediate past four+ years, I am asking myself and you, my readers, if we have reached a point in our world and daily living where we no longer can easily find men and women of honor?  That is, those who act in the name of the common good, on behalf of the most defenseless and vulnerable.  It seems that our most visible political leaders are routinely corrupt and/or display childish, petty and/or even immoral behaviors.  Further, our supposedly superior and professional athletes feel the need to cheat to win;  most of Hollywood’s celebrities and the majority of musicians and singers frequently denigrate themselves with their vulgar language, immodest, flamboyant, dress and addictive behaviors. The media from time to time  publish or broadcast examples of our nation’s teachers and priests who have made students their sexual prey.

Have we put money, or our “what’s in it for me,” temperaments above all else?  Have we, who call ourselves adults, lost our personal compasses that once steered our lives’ based on standards of high moral and ethical principles, uprightness, and above all else our love of God and Country?  How do our children perceive us and the world in which they live?

Have we, as parents, spread our time with family and children too thin?  Or, have we been like helicopters and hovered too much over our children, thus stifling their abilities to reason and identify solutions to situations that come up naturally in their everyday lives on their own?

Have we, as children of elderly parents (who now live longer than ever before) become complacent or even absent in their lives because we have filled our lives with too many other personal interests or commitments?  Have we put ourselves first, above all others to the detriment of each of us and our environment?

Finally, and most importantly, have we gone astray from Godly teachings and beliefs because they threaten or are at odds with us achieving our life’s goals to essentially be everything and do anything we want to do in life before we pass?

Obviously, I have none of the answers to the questions that today weigh heavily on me and my heart.  I can only pray that I can find some glimmer of new hope for our generation and the generations that follow.  I pray that God helps man reverse his ill-fated behaviors and wakes up our world so we as individuals are inspired to do our share to return  each of us to a state of greatness of soul; i.e., the virtue of conducting our daily lives well, (in all of our acts, obligations, and encounters with people) and when performing our small everyday undertakings with a big heart.



2 thoughts on “On This Historic Day: From My Heart to Yours

  1. It is a lot to take in today. Regardless of how one felt the vote should go, the vote is in and we have deep wounds that were going to be there in our senate regardless of the vote outcome. For me it all starts with guiding principles of religious doctrine followed closely by family. I can only lead by example and hope that the example inspires others. I too blog and I look to history for lessons and warnings. I am committed to a cause greater then myself and I hope others seek to do the same. I also pray the methodology to that cause in clothed in respect and love rather than devision and anger.


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