How’s Your Standard For Living?

How often have you stepped back to look from the outside-in to remember all those perfect times in your life?  Was it that expensive video game that Santa brought you?  Your first kiss, graduation day, that great job you landed, your wedding day, the birth of your children? A lot of firsts and yet all of them brought you only short-lived emotions of excitement and temporary satisfaction. In contrast, how often have we acknowledged those real or perceived challenges in our world today, that would all pale in comparison to everyday living in earlier times.

Just this past weekend at Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown, MD, our congregation was given the opportunity to reflect back 2,000 years to the teachings of Jesus Christ within the context of people’s lives, times, and adversities. I admire that our pastors teach us The Written Word by revealing authentic meanings within the timeframe and environments of life in biblical times.

How Do You Fight Your Battles?

Pastor Nathan LaBorie’s message this weekend was a great example. It was the third in a series of messages on “Inconvenient: Hard Teachings of Jesus.”  He detailed the lives and battles of people who lived 2,000 years ago and I was frozen in my seat by the harshness of their everyday living and the truth of Jesus’ desires for an ongoing relationship with him; his everlasting intentions; and His promises to us that give us guidance in today’s calamitous and increasingly complex world:

So, what battles in your life need to be removed to reach that standard of living that you are seeking?

Thank you Chesapeake Church and Pastor Nathan LaBorie!

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