The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Many of my paternal ancestors lived in Spotsylvania County and, in fact, on the Wilderness Farm (my 2nd great-grandmother "Bettie Tapp [1834-1900] who married Lawrence T. Boling [1838-1910]). The following video is tailer from the new 3-part mini series on the History Channel about the Civil War Battle of Wilderness Farm [May 5-7, 1864], then … Continue reading The Battle of Wilderness Farm – May 5-7, 1864

Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

It has been a mere seven months since we adopted Cinder Ella from Puppy Paws Rescue of Maryland. She has enamored us with her kindnesses, intelligence, playfulness, and gentleness.  She truly is a significant member of our family.  And her affection and attention to us has helped us better cope with these unusual Coronavirus days … Continue reading Dogs Are Family, Too! – Part 6

“United we stand; Divided we fall!”

As so many others are doing during this now fifth month of the global Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, I am turning to social media to maintain connections with family and friends.  In recent days, our millennial grandchildren have stepped forward with their voices about these unique times in our world's history.   I find their … Continue reading “United we stand; Divided we fall!”