A Harbinger of Better Days to Come!

I based many of my 18 posts written in 2020 (to date) on these globally unique times of extreme stressors, severe disappointments, and immense sadnesses. I, for one, will gladly embrace 2021 with anxious yet apprehensive hope for our world’s future, and trust the rest to God.

A positive sign that life goes on and of better times to come was the wedding of my nephew on Saturday, October 3 at the 11-acre Wollam Gardens cut flower farm in Warrenton, VA.–the farthest we have dared to travel outside our home this year.

Brandon and Mary’s planning was exceptional and all activities went off without a hitch because they planned and adapted their plans to comply with pandemic safety measures. Hence, they fulfilled all of their wishes for their big day and ensured the environment and amenities were comfortable, healthy, safe, and inviting for their guests.

Their outdoor wedding took place in an inviting rustic garden setting that included chic yet traditional and simple elements (and, of course, masks): we dined and danced in the one-of-a-kind pavilion fashioned from fallen timbers from the nearby forest while the bountiful and colorful garden flowers, berries, and leaves abounded as wreaths and swags that gently swayed in the cool fall breezes. Safety masked greeters at the entrance offered monogrammed guest masks and personalized bottles of hand sanitizers; as well as your choice of crocheted social distancing bracelets in the wedding’s fall colors: red for “hello, I’m keeping my distance,” burnt orange for “talking but not touching,” and green for “hugs and high-fives”. Centerpieces of mini-LED fairy lights loosely draped over vintage copper kettles and other accessories that shimmered atop tablecloths; servers in black ties and vests again donned masks to serve up champagne, wine, hors de ovres, and scrumptious meals of salmon or pot roast; and as party takeaways, guests picked from among the mini-pots of varied succulent plants.

Instead of the traditional tiered wedding cake, guests picked from among several kinds of individual pies for dessert. Guests who felt chilly from the fall night’s air after sunset were even provided with soft fleece throw blankets.

Finally, because the bride and groom are both talented and gifted musicians who enjoy and regularly share their craft with others, we embraced the great outdoors setting amidst a bonfire and music with other guests. In fact, guests were invited to bring their own instruments and voices to join in.

I’d say, although a couple of months premature, this gathering of family and friends could be just the encouragement and harbinger of better days to come. Thank you Brandon and Mary for a firmly positive sign of a wonderful new beginning for all of us.

One thought on “A Harbinger of Better Days to Come!

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