Pocahontas Heacham, England, Mulberry Tree DNA Test ‘Inconclusive’

To my regular followers, you may have been aware that this blog has been keeping up with the ongoing research here in the United States and England to determine through DNA testing whether trees in Jamestown, VA, and Heacham, Norfolk, England, share the same markers. Below is the newest information available, this time from BBC News.


One thought on “Pocahontas Heacham, England, Mulberry Tree DNA Test ‘Inconclusive’

  1. Just spotted another article in the Norfolk EDP newspaper that includes the Pocahontas Mulberry tree she planted in 1616-1617 at Heacham Rolfe Manor Farm now the Manor Hotel that is on this weblink EDP newspaper ….Thirteen of the most intriguing trees in Norfolk by Rowan Mantell
    But hopefully if COVID allows in July 2021 Professor Kevin Burgess Head of Biology at Philadelphia University in America will visit England for his summer Graduate Schools at Oxford and London and Cambridge Universities who will DNA check these oldest Mulberry trees again to see whether there are any ‘TREE FAMILY ‘genetic links to compare Pocahontas mulberry tree and Syon House oldest mulberry tree in England dated 1548 and Narford Hall Red Lodge mulberry tree given to Francis Rolfe from King Charles 1 in 1643 and the six old mulberry trees at Whitehall Palace London planted by King James 1 as he also wanted to make NEW SILK EXTRA STRONG silk vests from spun silkworms threads on mulberry leaves for soldiers and sailors worn in 1500 by the officers in China and Mongolia made on their Morus Alba Mulberry trees that can withstand an arrow and bullet still worn now by their police


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