Podcasts Available Now on My WordPress Blog

For your convenience, I recently added a podcast feature to my blogsite enabling you to read or listen to my posts. I have been creating stories at joannedi.wordpress.com/ for more than 10 years now, based upon my research into my family’s genealogy. The topics cover a vast array of enlightening, informative, and unbridled themes and content intended to help us better define who, where, and what we are today as a result of who, where, and sometimes what we were across as many as 48 generations. Please let me know what you think.

To listen to a podcast, just select one of your choosing and click on the Spotify podcast link included at the top of each story. Or, choose from any of the six podcast platform links included below:



Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts



2 thoughts on “Podcasts Available Now on My WordPress Blog

  1. I stumbled upon your writings after googling Scottish Wharton’s immigrate to Spain. I’m 56 and I recently found out that my mom’s descendent’s were Wharton’s from Scotland but fled to Spain and changed their last name to Rendon. I’ve always wondered why some of us were fair skinned with blue eyes. I now wonder why they fled and changed their name.


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